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I never really noticed that you could create comments in your mySQL fields until now. My co-worker recently upgraded one of the web servers to have phpMyAdmin –, and the forms made the “comment” field more visible to me.

Below is a very basic table for “locations.” This simple table is for demonstration purposes only. ;)

Mysql table in PHPmyAdmin
Click on the image for a zoomed in view.

(See Pink Bubble) See how the fieldname is linked? That means there’s a comment about that field.

(See Blue Bubble) To create a comment, click on the pencil icon to edit the field. When you click on it, you should see a page that looks like this:
Comments about Mysql Field
In the newest version of PHPmyAdmin, the form fields go downward instead of left to right. I like this way much better! Anyhow, just add in your comment (see the blue arrow) and hit save. Ta da, now you have comments in your mysql fields.

This is great when you work with more complex databases. And the developer that takes over your project will appreciate it. Of course, you can always use the “COMMENT” command in your msyql command statement, but isn’t this prettier? ;)

Go here for more information about the Information_Schema Columns.

phpMyAdmin is a great software that allows you to visually see your mysql databases.

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