Baby Talk Meets High Tech

April 23, 2008 by  
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Lena BabyI was watching this video earlier today and just thought “wow!”

We all know that talking to our children is important… but did you know how much you need to talk to them? According to this video, 17,000 words a day at the very least!

But who has time to talk AND count all the words? Not to worry, there’s a nifty gadget that can record and count all the words you said to your child, as well as analyze your child’s response.

The device is called LENA (Language ENvironment Analysis), which is like a verbal pedometer. You just put the device in your child’s jumper. At the end of the day, you can plug it into a computer and start analyzing the data.

I think it’s an amazing tool that I might use in the future (far into the future!)

I wonder if the Cat, the hi tech mommy knows about this gadget yet. :)

Sources: Yahoo! News / ABC News and LENA

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