iPhone App Review: Dizzy Bee

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iPhone App: Dizzy BeeName: Dizzy Bee
Written By: Igloo Games
Category: Games
Price: $2.99
Size: 8.4 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch

My absolute favorite iphone app game is Dizzy Bee. I first downloaded the free version (iTunes link) and loved it. After beating all of the levels, I had to get the full version (iTunes link).

The concept of the game is very simple. You’re a bee who wants to rescue his fruit friends from the terrible monsters. To do so, you must help your friends and yourself escape through a portal hole on each level.

You can move your bee-self around by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. Be sure to strategize, so you don’t get eaten by a monster!

Challenges are quick, so you can play a game with you have a spare minute or two. It’s also great for people who have short attention spans like me!

Some Screenshots

iPhone App: Dizzy Bee iPhone App: Dizzy Bee iPhone App: Dizzy Bee

Dizzy Bee Video Trailer

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