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Spore OriginsName: SporeTM Origins (iTunes Link)
Written By: Electronic Arts
Category: Games
Price: $4.99
Size: 68.4 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch

Eat, or be eaten! That’s the motto of “Spore Origins.” You start off as a tiny cellular blob, swimming around in search of food. You munch on the smaller creatures and stay away from the larger ones.

Evolution takes time. And as your creature develops new skills of swimming and dodging large creatures, you earn evolutionary points at the end of each level. Your creature has the same goal at each level: eat the smaller creatures by swimming towards them, avoid the larger creatures and their attacks, and fill up your “DNA Bar” to finish the level.

Tilting the iPhone in different directions moves your creature around the water or swamp. The graphics of the game is really great and colorful. The music of the game suits it very well too. Very relaxing and captures the mood of each level.

Getting your food becomes more of a challenge at each level. Stranger creatures with spikes and attacks become obstacles in your way. But you also have power-ups called “symbiotes” to your advantage. They’re scattered all throughout the level and come in three colors — red allows you to move faster, blue is a shield, and purple is poison that you can use to attack bigger creatures.

The Creature Creator is another fun part of the game. Click on “Edit Creature” after you complete each level. As you gain evolution points, you are able to edit how your creature looks and add new features to it. You can change the pattern and color, add eyes and feelers, spikes, teeth, and shields. The more evolution points you gain, the more items you can unlock.

Overall, it’s a fun game to play! With 30 levels to explore, it may be a little addictive. If you’d like to try it for free, test out the Spore Origins Lite version. You can play one level as well have full features to the Creature Creator.

Spore Origins Spore Origins Spore Origins Spore Origins Spore Origins

This article was originally published on page 27 of iProng Magazine’s 34th issue.

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  • http://Mikeymike.vox.com Mike Avila

    Looks like fun! Too bad a I suck at games!! LOL Please post a link on Plurk? :)

  • http://Mikeymike.vox.com Mike Avila

    Looks like fun! Too bad a I suck at games!! LOL Please post a link on Plurk? :)