I’m Tweeting This!

March 19, 2009 by  
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I'm Tweeting This

I originally bought the “I’m Tweeting This” tee from ThinkGeek to wear at Twestival LA. But when it got too cold, I put on a a TweetTee hoodie on. :) It’s quite comfy, so I thought I’d put it on today. Feeling a little sick and tired, but also quite geeky today.

*points to the bottom* I just installed the Disqus wordpress comment plugin today. Care to test it out for me? :)

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  • http://www.giannii.com Giannii

    It looks great and is much easier to use. Ya know how to reach me if you need any help =)

    Community Manager

  • daynah

    Great customer service at Disqus! Thanks Giannii!

  • http://chernow.org/blog rockmanac

    *hangs head in shame for admitting this*

    I want the shirt.


  • http://www.adamchernow.com/blog achernow

    *hangs head in shame for admitting this*

    I want the shirt.


    p.s. Disqus plugin works beautifully. I run it on my site!