My New iPhone 3Gs!

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Apple Store Victoria Gardens

It’s a boy.. and a girl! @dragonal and I finally made the plunge to get iPhones tonight. We waited for a very long time. I’ve been using my iPod Touch for the past few years to test out apps, but having an iPhone is much more convenient. Now I don’t have to worry about finding wifi hotspots for certain apps. The important upgrade was actually having a camera, and the auto-focus on the new one is quite nice.

We arrived at the Apple Store (made an appointment online first of course), and they gave us a ticket and said someone will be with us soon. The moment the guy stepped away, another Apple Genius came by and took our tickets. Very fast service! After filling out the online form to get the first phone activated, the Apple Genius got a glimpse of @dragonal’s HTC Magic (G2) phone and was so excited about it. LOL He kept wanting to take it to show his friends. I guess they see nothing but iPhones all day huh? ;) Well, there’s a geek moment for you!

Then the second phone was activated. The Apple Genius mentioned something about 6 hours before everything is moved over — not surprised because the last time I changed services, it took 24 hours. Surprisingly, the moment after I was given back the phone, it was all activated and both voice + data worked. Wow. So activation probably took 1 or 2 minutes! We were in and out of the Apple Store in no time.

Afterward, we sat down on a nearby bench, downloading apps. Our phones felt naked. ;) I’m a very happy camper. Now I just need to buy accessories, like a car-charger. My iPod Touch car-charger apparently is not made for the iPhone.

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