How To Display 11+ Pages of iPhone Apps

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iPhone - 12 Pages of AppsIn the latest iPhone OS upgrade, we were allowed to have up to 11 viewable pages of apps. But if you look in the image to the right, you will see that there are 12 pages!

So how did I do that? This was a trick I discovered while moving around my icons. First, you have to be an app-aholic and have 11 pages of iPhone apps (and more hidden ones since they can’t be displayed). Then move some of the default apps you do not use like “Weather,” “Stocks,” “YouTube,” “Audio Memo,” etc. to the last page.

Now take one icon from the 10th page and drag it over to the 11th page. This will force the last icon to be booted off the page and into the iPhone abyss!

Now download another app to replace that empty space. And magically, a 12th page will be created with all the apps you weren’t able to view on it. I repeated the same steps and was able to make a 13th page.

It’s a nice trick, especially if you’re an iPhone app addict like me. There never seems to be enough pages! I think forcing a default icon off the pages will bring it back on an extra page, but I’m not quite sure. I was able to create the extra pages a few times, and after much testing, I was unable to duplicate it the 5th time. If you see a logical pattern or explanation on how to do this, please let me know. I can’t seem to bring back the 13th page, and would like to. ;) Also note, this is not a jailbroken iPhone.

UPDATE 11/22/2009: Additional note, this was tested on iPhone OS 3.0. However, it has been working in the updated versions of iPhone OS as well. I’ve stopped creating extra pages because the moment I sync with iTunes, only 11 pages will be displayed.

As mentioned by Jeff K. below in the comments, moving the “Voice Memo” icon seems to be the trick to creating an extra page.

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    XilOo27 is the KING GURU! Excellent instructions & it works = I now have 21 screens! I can't believe it! AWESOME!! I could keep making more but I'm pooped, so 21 is enough for now (I still have to organize what I want on those pages!! :)

    I wish I had known this MONTHS ago when I first maxed out my 11 pages & since then it's been a real brainwracker again & again trying to decide which apps or icons to delete!!

    Why the hay doesn't apple share this gem up front?? Do they not even know this is possible? If they do know but haven't made it publicly known, then they are jerks.

    Now… my only “wonder” is what will happen next time I sync? I have iPhone 3Gs, 32gig, OS 3.1.2.

    In XILO27's instructions, he/said in Step 5 you could do either /or 5a or 5b. I did BOTH: turned off iPhone, then turn it back on, then go to App Store on iPhone & download any freebie app, & poof!! Another new page! :)

    Then I would delete that freebie app & for every new process (to create more new pages), I would download the same freebie app.

    Just be sure to keep your 1st page FULL & last page FULL.
    After new page created, move the Voice App back to the last spot on last page, & start over!
    (move another app or icon on the 1st page to replace the Voice App to have 1st page FULL before you start the process again!)

    What's the max number of pages anyone has created


    PS: My phone is NOT jailbroken (but I would love to have Categories, too!)

  • Xilo27

    Just to clarify too, I am using an non jailbroken iPod touch, and it now has twenty-two pages, most of them full of apps. Go Pandora Box!

  • mrmanfam

    I use an iPod Touch 64gb and am only able to get a 12th page. When I try to get a thirteenth (ALWAYS using VOICE MEMO in he last position), it seems VOICE MEMO swaps positions with the app I use to push VOICE MEMO off the page.

  • Xilo27

    Something to add that might help you, this sometimes does not work if your second page is full, so make sure it has at least one open spot.

    Then make sure that your last page has no open spots with the voicemail app being the last one there, and drag an app from another page between the Voice Memos and the one before it, and hold it there until the Voice Memos app goes away. Is this what you did? If so, it should work.

    It could be that it was fixed in the most recent software update. That would be sad. I will get it, test this, and get back to you about it.

  • mrmanfam

    THAT worked! I'm up to 18 pages! I seem to be frozen there although I think it has to do with the distribution of my apps on my home screens right now. I wonder if you need to have enough apps in your “library” to support an extra home screen page or else it won't make one?

    I found I had to follow the procedure TWICE in order to get each additional page.

  • Melissa

    Awesome, thanks! I'm using a Touch and was not successful in getting the new page to load after downloading an app, but it *did* get added when I shut off the device and turned it back on. Woohoo!

  • mrmanfam

    Up to 21 pages, so having enough apps in the library is apparently NOT a factor. But doing it TWICE in order to get one additional page seems to be the norm for me. So what? It's worth it.

  • mrmanfam

    I use a Touch and I never downloaded a new app to get the procedure to work. but ALWAYS rebooted the device, i.e., press and hold the power button on top, wait until the “slide to power off” slider appears, then slide to power off. Then power it back on.

    I also found the first page had to be filled and the second page had to have space.

    I'm not sure if it will work if you just power off. I thought you had to reboot.

  • Melissa

    omg That's insane. lol

  • Sweetiefritz

    I have a 32gb itouch and did the trick to get the twelfth page. I tried to get a thirteenth page but I'd doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions to what I could be doing wrong?

  • mrmanfam

    I have an iPodTouch 64gb and it is NOT jailbroken and I am up to FIFTY home screens. Make sure the first home screen is full, with VOICEMAIL in the last position. Have spaces on your 2nd Home Screen but no page should be entirely empty, The last page should be full after you move Voice Mail to it. Replace the Voice Maill app you moved on the first home screen with any other app just to fill up the first page.

    Before you RESET the iPod (which is NOT the same as turning it off) make sure 1. the first home screen is full; 2. no page is empty; 3.The last page is full, with VOICE MAIL in the last position on the page. 4. Bump the VOICE MAIL app off of the last home screen by moving an app from an earlier page into the slot occupied by VOICE MAIL.

    When you're sure everything is as outlined above, RESET.

    When you turn it back on, you should see a new home screen added as your SECOND PAGE.

  • Daynah

    Wow! 50 screens?! That must have taken a lot of work. What happens when you sync your iPod Touch to your computer? iTunes only displays the first 25 pages. In the previous versions of iTunes, it would wipe out my new pages and only display the first 11, so I stopped using this trick.

  • mrmanfam

    OK. Two rules you will live by after you add homes screens this way: 1. You can get whatever apps you want, only do it through your iPod!!! NEVER again get apps thru iTunes. 2. NEVER move apps using iTunes! Move apps ONLY through the iPod!!

    Music is not affected. Do what you want with music, videos, etc. either thru iTunes or iPod.

    And once you get the procedure down, it takes no time at all to add pages.

    Sync will be fine. I make sure to periodically sync my iPod with my iTunes if I buy apps thru the iPod since I want items to be on my computer AND on the iPod.

  • James Naron

    Hope no one minds me reviving an old topic, but I just tested this on the iOS Gold Master, and it WORKS! I now have 12 pages, plus the ability to have each icon on each of those pages be a folder containing 12 apps… I haven't gone past 12 yet, but I assume it will work as before.

  • Dsrg19

    Now take one icon from the 10th page and drag it over to the 11th page. This will force the last icon to be booted off the page and into the iPhone abyss!

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