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Natali Del ConteI sent some “twestions” for Global Townhall to ask Natali Del Conte, and they were picked for her interview! She’s one of my favorite geek girls and I love watching her on Loaded. You can read the interview below:

Natali Del Conte is the tech savvy, sweet as apple pie, gorgeous correspondent for The CBS Early Show, WCBS, host of “Loaded” on CNETTV and co-host of the daily podcast “Buzz Out Loud.” I did forget to mention her most notable attributes though… she is intelligent, warm and fearless. Del Conte is also a regular contributor on about every major media outlet from BBC to Fox.

Lucky for us, Natali has stopped in for an interview. Our feature Twitter, “Webdev Geekette” Daynah, has also asked Natali some “twestions.” Actually, Daynah sent so many great twestions I let her take over my interview!

Daynah: What is your process of gathering technology news every morning?

Natali Del Conte: It isn’t limited to the morning. I pretty much have my email and RSS reader fed to me intravenously. I pour through thousands of blogs and news sites but I also have news sent to me based on relationships I have with companies that send me their news under embargo. Still, every morning I wake up early and plop my laptop down on my lap Indian style, and crawl through headlines to make sure Loaded isn’t missing anything.

Daynah: When did you first have interest in reporting technology news?

Natali Del Conte: I was always interested in technology but I let it get away from me while I was in graduate school. When I was done with graduate school and came back to the Bay Area, I just wanted to write. Tech was an easy target because there is such a rich field of resources there.

Daynah: You review a lot of gadgets, but what are the favorite ones you use personally?

Natali Del Conte: I hate this question because I feel so trite. I would love to say that I love all gadgets equally but really I’m a closeted Mac fangirl. I use a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, a BlackBerry Curve, a Kindle 2, and a Flip HD. I also have the new Zune, which I love, but it doesn’t work with my Mac so syncing it can be a pain. I wish I had some cool gadget that nobody has but I’m pretty conventional.

Daynah: What do you miss most about San Francisco, and what do you like best about NYC?

Natali Del Conte: My family. I miss my family every single day. I also miss the beauty. San Francisco is picturesque in a way no other city in the world really is. It is also a place where people respect each other and respect healthy living. New York pushes you. You learn what you’re made of here. I love that too but I miss the balance of my San Francisco life. It took me a good 6 months to stop crying for San Francisco and be grateful for New York but I am grateful for it now. Most of the time. I wasn’t so grateful when I saw the first cockroach in my apartment. That never happened in San Francisco.

Daynah: You are a role model to many aspiring young girls. What advice could you give them about getting their careers started in the world of technology?

Natali Del Conte: Be flexible. If I hadn’t been flexible, I wouldn’t have considered podcasting as a real career. I wouldn’t have been willing to move to New York. I wouldn’t have been willing to do my first broadcast reports on national TV instead of some small local station in a small town. I don’t know to be nervous until it is too late so I just leap before I look.

Please go to Global Townhall to read the rest of this article.

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