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Flickr, a popular photography website, just launched their “People in Photos” feature today. And I love how it works. You simply type in a person’s name and it’ll add them into the photo. If you click on the little icon next to their name, you can create a square around their faces to identify them.

Here is a sample where I used the “People in Photos” feature. In the photo below, you can see Louis Gray, me, and Jesse Stay.


To start tagging people, type in their screen name, real name, or email address into the input box. A list of users will appear. If they are a Flickr contact, select the appropriate one. Else, finish typing and select either “Search this email address” or “send an email to this address.”

To add a square around people’s face, click on the icon shown in the image below:


Once the square is created, drag the square over the person’s face. Continue doing this for the next person, and the next.


You can read more about Flickr’s “People in Photos” here.

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