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zombiepizza1Name: Zombie Pizza (Full Version | Lite Version)
Written By: Appy
Category: Games
Price: $0.99

Size: 20.1 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch
Version: 1.1
Rate: 4 out of 5 Stars

Zombies love to eat brains.. and pizza! Who knew? Zombie Pizza is a light-hearted horror puzzle game that is such a treat for this Halloween!

In the game, zombies have taken over the world! Unfortunately for Chef Zomboni, the pizzeria owner, he has also been infected, and has about 4 weeks before becoming one of the walking dead. In that time, he’ll be training you, his apprentice, in every aspect of the dark art of making Zombie Pizzas.

Under Chef Zomboni’s watchful eye, you will be creating pizzas to feed the hungry zombies by combining some of the most disgusting ingredients never tasted before on pizzas! Toss on some eyeballs, hearts, bones, guts, and brains onto the strange Zombie Pizzas to create combos like The Roadkill, The Split Dog, The Gut Buster, and the Stink Eye! Be sure to check out the cookbook for the pizza recipes! Some combination pizzas are worth more than others. The ones you can create are:

  • The Gut buster – Four of a kind of any Topping
  • The Road Kill – One of each kind of any Topping
  • The Split Dog – Two of any one topping and two of any other topping.
  • The Stink Eye – Pizzas that don’t fall into any of the above. These are worth $0 and make the zombies upset!

As you advance in the levels and weeks, zombies may also request special pizzas in their order. Create those for extra bonus points. Some zombies prefer broccoli. Some will get mad at you if you even dare to put vegetables on their pizzas! Some ingredients will be packaged in jars that require you to smash them open.

zombie-pizza-iconThe ingredients are set on the fast-moving conveyor-belt. Drag ingredients onto your pizza. When your pizza creation is done, flick it into hole in the door to feed those pesky zombies! Make a bad pizza, and you’ll hear those zombies scream in disgust. Earn gold and silver medals and rack up dollars by creating pizzas with high-value recipes. But be sure to watch the Zombie Rage meter. If it reaches the top, the game is over, and you become their dinner!

Playing Zombie Pizza requires mastery of two basic movies — drag and flick. I love the puzzle aspect where you try to create only the pizzas in the recipe book or special orders. Anything else will be a Stink Eye and give your $0, not to mention, make the zombies very upset. The extra challenges in each level keep the game fresh and exciting. The creepy, yet hilarious sound effects and artwork is what gives the game its charm!

If you enjoy fast-moving puzzle games, I think you’ll like this one. It’s quite a deal for only 99 cents in the iTunes App store. The game is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Be sure to feed your zombies pizza today… if you want to live to see another day…

This article was published in iProng Magazine 53rd issue.

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