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ScreencastingI attended a “How-to Screencast” session at the library, and here were the free tools demonstrated in the workshop.

The screencast software that were demonstrated were:

Screencast Tool 1: Screencast-o-matic

Screencast-o-MaticScreencast-o-matic is an online tool that requires only the installation of JAVA. It runs off the website and you can start a screencast by simply clicking on the “Create” button. The software records both screen and audio. A microphone is needed if you would like audio. Files are limited to only 15 minutes of recording. Pro account ($5 one time upgrade)


  • Can instantly embed in other webpages
  • Ability to add notes, toggle click and mouse
  • Can host on SOM, YouTube, or export to a movie file.


  • Website is full of ads
  • Limited editing features
  • Limited to only 15 minutes of recording

Screencast Tool 2: Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media EncoderWindows Media Encoder is a powerful tool for content producers who want to capture audio and video content using the many innovations in Windows Media, including high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and support for mixed-mode voice and music content.

  • Saves in .wmv format
  • Only available on windows
  • File can be emailed and/or uploaded to video websites.
  • Files are saved locally
  • Files are up uploaded instantly anywhere (requires manual upload to video websites)
  • Requires Systems to install

Screencast Tool 3: Jing

JingJing is an open source screen capturing software that is both simple and elegant. The software is written by TechSmith who also produce and Camtasia screencasting software.

  • Available in both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Does both screen capture (jpg) and screencasting
  • Can instantly embed video into a webpage
  • Screencasting only saves as .swf in the free version and mpeg4 in the Pro version
  • Pro version has options to upload to YouTube, MPEG-4 format, and removal of Jing Logos

Uses for Screencasting

Librarians use screencasts as teaching tools for their classes, workshops, and patrons’ questions. The ability to create instant videos off a class or patron’s help session is incredibly helpful when you can email them the link to the video if they need a refresher.

Screencasts are also helpful as how-to reminders when a task isn’t done after a long period of time.

Screencasts are also shared across libraries. Some resources may only be accessible to specific campuses. So when a librarian from another campus helps a patron of another campus (Ask-a-Librarian service), the librarian can link to a screencast video instead that will step the patron through the resources.

Librarians are always finding new and creative ways of teaching each other.

I’m sure there are more screencasting tools out there. What are your favorites and why?

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