CES 2010: OnStar Experience iPhone App

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If you’re a proud owner of a GM Chevrolet Volt, you’ll be happy to know that an amazing iPhone app has recently been released at CES 2010 show! OnStar launched an iPhone app that will make taking care of your Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle a snap!

OnStar Experience allows a seamless connection to you and your Chevrolet VOLT vehicle data. You can even perform commands remotely to your car by simply clicking on buttons in the app. Never again do you have to worry if you’re car is out of charge, or is unlocked, etc. It’s all right in the app!

Some of the features that OnStar Experience provides are:

  • Vehicle State of Charge
  • Vehicle Electric Range
  • Vehicle MPG
  • Vehicle Charging Settings and Control
  • Lock / Unlock Doors
  • Honk Horn and Flash Lights

It’s just amazing how much you can control your car in just the palm of your hands! Check out OnStar Experience today. Note, if you do not have a Chevy Volt, you can still interact with the app in demo-mode.

Video Demo at CES 2010

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