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Happy Apple iPad Day! For those of you who have waiting for a while, the day to order had finally come. Now we just have to wait until the shipment date!

I just pre-ordered my Apple iPad. I ended up getting the 16 GB Wifi version. I had plan on getting the 3g one but with all the added costs, I just couldn’t justify it. Plus, if I need internet I’m sure I’ll have my trusty iPhone with me if wifi is not available. I’ll give it a try for a year and see if I want to upgrade to a 3g (or better) version when the second model comes out. And I hope that version has a camera and some multi-tasking.

Now I’m anxious to see how the iTunes App store will change. And what will be showcased the first week of shipment? I’m assuming there will be 3 different types of apps in the store: regular iPhone /iPod Touch apps that will work if you display it 2x its size, the apps that are hybrid and can display different versions depending on the device used, and the iPad-Only apps.

So, are you getting one? Pre-ordering? Or waiting a while to get it later? Or are you getting a tablet alternative?

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  • http://www.tim-oliver.com -=TiM=-

    Ahaha nice!

    I'm personally looking at getting an iPad mainly for eBook capabilities. I have a lot of PDF ebooks I've bought that aren't easily readable on my iPhone screen.

    I'll probably go with a WiFi one only. It seems kind of annoying to have to pay for another 3G service after my iPhone. I'm hoping, official or no, that there may be a way to get tethering between the iPad and iPhone working at some point.

    I'm definitely going to wait a little while before buying one though. Just to see what the initial public reaction is really like. :)