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Name: Godfinger
Written By: Ngmoco
Category: Games
Price: Free for iPad

Size: 13.9 MB (iPad)
Requirements: iPad
Version: 1.2
Rate: 4 out of 5 Stars

Build, grow, and cultivate your own planet with the touch of your finger, literally. Godfinger has finally been released in the US, but not for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Instead, they launched on the iPad platform first.

You start out with a plain round planet and one follower. You also get to play God, well your finger does at least. Drag and drop your follower on the totem pole so he can worship you, generating mana and XP points.

As you collect XP points and level, more and more followers will be added to your planet. Make them happy by constructing buildings and shelter for them, giving them rain and sunshine, and a place to relax and energize.

Drag clouds over the planet, then press and drag down to make it rain. This will make your planet much greener, growing grass, trees, and shrubs everywhere. You can also do the same with the sun. Press and drag the sun down to bring sunlight to the planet as well as grow flowers.

The gameplay consists of these point systems:

Mana – needed to perform Wonders (like rain or sunshine) and regenerates over time. Followers can speed up mana production process by worshiping at the totem, or you can purchase mana boost in the Awe store.

Gold – your followers earn gold for your by doing activities on the planet like farming. Use the gold to purchase building material for your followers. You can also exchange Awe for gold in the Awe store.

Awe – these can be exchanged for goodies in the Awe store. If you need more Awe, you can purchase them with real money from $2.99 to $29.99 as in-app purchases.

Godfinger looks fabulous on the bit iPad screen. With this new device, small popup notes and menus can be easily displayed on the screen, making game play intuitive and fun.

Godfinger uses the Plus+ social gaming network to connect to your friends. Once you unlock the “Galaxy Map” goal, you can use your fingers in a ‘pinch in’ gesture to zoom out. Doing so will show your planet smaller and smaller, and allow you to view all of your friends planets as well. Tap on your friend’s planet to see its information. You even have an option to visit their planet to see how things are going.

The notifications in the game are a bit excessive and it seems like your planet may need a lot of attention. I would suggest turning “Alert Notifications” off once you get the hang of the game. To have a healthy planet, check back frequently on your followers and their activities.

Overall, this game for the iPad is gorgeous. The graphics are bright and colorful and the sounds and animations are quite enjoyable. The gameplay took a while to figure out because there were a lot of popup screens to read. But once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy. Best of all, it’s free, and there is only a minimal display of ads in the app. If you have an iPad, be sure to put this one your must-have list. An iPhone/iPad version is will available soon.

Godfinger is available in the US iTunes app store for free and you can read more about the game on their official website.

This article was originally posted in Beatweek Magazine.

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