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Written By: Ngmoco & New Toy
Category: Games
Price: Free iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad

Size: 33.5 MB (iPhone) / 35 MB (iPad)
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Version: 1.2
Rate: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Love to build things? Now you can build your very own kingdom, one crop at a time. We Rule is a new social kingdom-building game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad.

You start out with a small fort and some farm land. Plant crops to sell and get gold in return. Use the gold to purchase shops, more crops, trees, and decorations for your kingdom. The more you play, the more XP points you get. If the gameplay is not fast enough for you, you can use your magical bottle of mojo to speed things up. Mojo helps your crops grow faster as well as speed ups services from your shops. You get extra bottles of mojo every time you level, or you can purchase more via in-app purchases.

Your kingdom is alive. Add horse stables to your land and a horse will appear walking around. Add a pond, and a frog with a crown will hop around your land. Add a wizard tower, and you land will have wizards wandering around. It becomes a living and breathing kingdom that you get to rule and take care of.

The social aspect of the game happens when you visit your friends’ shops, and they visit yours. You can view all of your neighbor kingdoms and see what shops they have open. Click on their shops and order 20 Royal Ball gowns, or 10 science projects, or 1000 stone blocks, etc. You can purchase services and items from your friends, in return you get XP points.

We Rule uses the Plus+ gaming network to keep track of your friends, gold and XP count, awards, and achievements. Everything is saved on the servers, so if you were to delete the app, your content is still saved.

We Rule is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Since the game is graphic-intensive, it is not a universal app. Instead, a new iPad-only app is available. This app is different from the iPhone/iPod Touch version in that scrolling to see your kingdom is not necessary anymore. You can view your (or your friend’s) entire kingdom on the screen. You can also view your social map easily on the lower right instead of going to another screen. The new iPad app makes great use of the space available on the iPad.

Although the game is fun, creative and addicting, there are also some drawbacks. We Rule requires internet connection in order to play. There may also be some server downtime and some internet connection lost while you play. This happens now and then, but it’s not bad enough that you would want to stop playing.

All you need is a little dash of creativity, and you’ll find yourself checking your kingdom now and then to harvest your crops. Before you start, beware of how addicting We Rule could be!

We Rule is free and available in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. My Plus+ gamer name ‘daynah’ if you want to visit my kingdom! For more information on the game, see their official website.

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