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If you enjoy word games like Scrabble and Boggle, then you’ll love Words with Friends. One of the first games to be released on the iPad App store launch day, it has become a popular hit among iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad users.

The object of the game is to make as many words as you can with the 7 tiles given to you. Each game is between two players, where each player takes turns creating words by putting their tiles on the board. The board is filled with bonus spots — Double Letter, Triple Letter, Double Word, and Triple Word, so be careful where you put your words! Play all 7 of your tiles in one move and you get an extra 35 point bonus. Get the most points at the end of the game and you win!

This is a causal game that goes back and forth between the two players. There is no time limit for a move and you are notified via push notifications when it’s your turn. A great feature in the game is the chat window, where you can talk to your opponent in an sms-like window.

Like with most games, there are some improvements that can be made. One would be to increase the amount of games you can have queued up. Players do not need to respond to moves right away, which can be good and bad. It’s good because there’s no pressure on either players. It’s bad because players may forget about the game and not respond for a few days, weeks, and longer. This wouldn’t matter too much except that you can only have 20 games going on simultaneously. So if you want to play with more active people, you may need to resign some of the games. By resigning, you also lose that match.

Another improvement that needs to be made is the speed of the server’s response. When you submit a move or update your games, the data takes a while to transfer. I believe it depends on how many transactions are made, which can vary at different times of the day.

Also, there’s currently no built-in dictionary in the game. But players can arrange their tiles on the board and when they think they have a word, hit submit. The move will be made if it is a word, and will alert an error message if it is not.

Overall, this game is highly addictive and so much fun to play. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends and build your vocabulary while you’re at it! Try the free version for the iPhone/iPod touch and see how hooked you get!

The various versions are compatible with one another so you can play Words with Friends with your friends, no matter which versions they’re using. The difference between the HD version and the iPhone/iPod Touch version is that the board fills up the entire screen and the chat and menu panels appear as layers over the board game. In the iPhone/iPod Touch version, a new screen shows up for each task. The free version is optimized for the iPhone/iPod Touch and has ads on top of the board and a bigger ad once you make a move.

Words with Friends for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad versions are linked below:

If you want to play sometime, my username is ‘daynah.’ :)

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  • http://neal.tv Neal Campbell

    I don't like games much and I'm addicted to Words with Friends.

  • http://twitter.com/zipperfish zipperfish.com

    The fact that there is no timer for opponents moves is a huge negative. Waiting for someone to make a move for hours or days doesn't make for a fun game. At least they could make an option for a speed round, or give the option of timed game play!

  • http://php-princess.net Daynah

    It's nice to not be pressured to make a move, but it also makes the game really slow.. which is why I start more games with other people and I run into the problem of not being able to have more than 20 games at one time.

    Anyhow, I'm adding you to my list so I we can play some lightning rounds. ;)

  • http://php-princess.net Daynah

    I'm going to play Words with Neal tonight. hehe