How to Add a Camera to Your iPad

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iPad CameraDisappointed that the iPad didn’t come with a camera? Well, so was I. But that doesn’t mean you can’t snap live photos on your iPad! All you need is an iPad, iPhone, and two apps.

Here are a few steps to get your iPad camera up and running!

  1. On the iPad, download and install the “Camera-A” app. (99 cents)
  2. On the iPhone, download and install the “Camera-B” app. It’s available for free.
  3. Once you have them installed, turn bluetooth on both devices. (Do this by going into Settings-> General-> Bluetooth -> On)
  4. Instead of Step 3, you can connect to the same wifi network also. (Do this by going into Settings -> Wi-Fi -> On -> Choose a network.)
  5. Now launch Camera-A and Camera-B on the iPad and iPhone, respectively.
  6. Camera-A on the iPad will show you whatever image Camera-B on the iPhone is pointing at.
  7. When you’re happy with an image, click on the shutter button in the middle on the iPad and that image will be saved to both devices.

Camera-A and Camera-B are two very simple to use apps. The hardest part is remembering to turn on the bluetooth! Camera-A on the iPad also have options to zoom in on an object as well as a toggle to turn off saving to the iPhone.

Since the camera is on the iPhone, it’s much easier to maneuver it to point to the subject you want. Also keep in mind, the image will only be as good as the iPhone camera, so it may appear noisy on the iPad due to the higher resolution. There is also no auto-focus in the Camera-B (iPhone) app, so you can’t tap and focus on an area like with the default camera app.

Overall, if you want to quickly capture live photos onto your iPad, these two apps are great for that. They can’t be more simple! Camera-A and Camera-B are both available in the iTunes App store.

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