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The iPad Keyboard Dock is definitely a peripheral made just for the iPad. It’s looks like a basic Mac keyboard, but with an iPad dock attached on the top side. Simply slide your iPad onto the dock. Once it’s in position, just type away. The keyboard dock holds the iPad in an upright eye-level position. On the back of the dock is a place for the charger to connect as well as a “line out” for speakers.

The keyboard itself has some nice built-in iPad features. The top row of keys takes you to the following screens or functions: Home, Search, Brightness low, Brightness high, Slideshow/lock, Bring up keyboard, enter passcode, iPod controls, volume, and iPad lock. This is quite handy when you need to make quick adjustments.

It’s a full-sized keyboard with a very clean and sleek design. There’s a slight tilt at the bottom of the keyboard so your hands are not laying flat on the table when typing. The keyboard dock has a straight design and layout, so I don’t recommend using this keyboard for long hours of typing. But since you’ll be using this with just the iPad, you probably won’t be using it for long periods of time anyways.

Also, because the iPad is docked directly on the keyboard, this setup is best used on a table or desk, as opposed to in your lap. This keyboard is also not the easiest to pack or lug around at a conference due to the dock part. It’s probably best used in the home instead.

This keyboard dock is best paired with Speck’s unique CandyShell case. There’s a small flap at the bottom for the keyboard dock to be put in.

You can purchase the iPad Keyboard dock for $69.00 from Apple.com or your nearest Apple Store retailer.


iPad Keyboard Dock

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