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Guildies from all around the world can now rejoice! New iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps of “The Guild” comics based on the web series created by Felicia Day just hit the iTunes app store!

If you’re unfamiliar with The Guild, it’s about a group of online gamers who eventually meet in real life. “The Knights of Good”, as they called themselves, found that although meeting in real life was awkward, it proved they were a strong team in game.

Codex, the main character of the story, is played by Felicia Day. She finds herself trapped in a life where each day consists of gaming and talking to her webcam.

The comics are the prequel to the forming of “The Knights of Good” and are outrageously hilarious. All hints and pieces of Codex’ history mentioned in the web series have been put into play in the comics.

The combination of Jim Rugg’s artistic work and Felicia Day’s sense of humor and storytelling makes the storyboards come to life. The Guild Comic #1 and Comic #2 are available and ready to be loaded onto your devices. With over 100 pages per digital comic book and beautiful storyboards, they’re a great deal for any Guildie.

If you’re new to comic books, you may be interested in seeing the making of The Guild Comic #1 in various stages at Dark Horse Comics. See the magical moment of when the comic came to life!

Although the apps are optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the comic books look great on the iPad in 2x mode as well. You can be purchase the apps in the iTunes app store for 99 cents each. Comic #3 will be available in about a month, so stay tuned.

If you want to read more about the Guild, check out my interview with Felicia Day for Beatweek Magazine!

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