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The one thing I noticed about most iPad bags and sleeves is the extra padding you carry with you. Of course you want your iPad to be safe and nicely cushioned, but let’s face it, we can all walk around without having to carry a huge bag. Enter the Urban Tool Pocketbar – a pretty hip bag without the unnecessary bulk! It’s a great compromise between protection and fashion.

The pocketbar was specifically designed for geeks on the go. As you know, the iPad is not the only gadget geeks are carrying with them at any one time. We got our cameras, our iPhones, sd cards, and don’t forget the keys and wallet! The PocketBar solves this problem by making pockets for all of our necessities and putting it in a nice and organized way.

The bag comes with one main zipper pocket where you can safely slip your iPad (or a small netbook) into. There’s enough wiggle-room in this pocket to fit an iPad with a hard-shell case on. This is convenient because you want protection on your iPad when you do take it out to use as well. The interior is soft, however, it may be thinner than most iPad sleeves and bags. If you’re worried about the iPad, you may want to put your iPad in a case with a front side protection as well.

On the front of bag are four individual pockets, all of various sizes, which are perfect for your digital camera, cellphone, and other gadgets. The top pocket has a key yo-yo that you can hang your keys on. When you need to use your keys, simply pull and use. No need to take your keys off. I do recommend only hanging a few keys on it so it’s not too heavy that it’ll pull down on the yo-yo. Each of these four pockets have flaps over them to keep any rain or water out. The flaps for the pockets are deep enough that things won’t fall out of it, yet easy enough for you to get your digital camera out when you need to take a quick photo. The exterior of the front side is also made of a waterproof material that reminds me of a diver’s wetsuit.

Between the top pockets is a loop where you can insert a pen into. This makes it very handy and convenient when you need to sign your autograph! Between the bottom pockets is where a carabiner is inserted. You can use this to put more keys or even hang your usb keys there.

The backside of the bag has secret zipper pocket that’s perfect for putting your wallet and other odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere on the front size.

You don’t just carry this bag, you wear it! The strap is adjustable, so you can have the bag hang low on your body, or wear it high and use the included body strap to wrap it around your waist. I recommend removing the body strap because it’s easier to put the bag on and off. Whether you’re tall or short, this bag can be fitted to your needs.

Under normal circumstances, the bag is the perfect protection for carrying around your iPad. It’s close enough to your body where you don’t need the heavy padding, but I don’t suggest throwing the bag around like you would with a purse or backpack.

The Urban Tool PocketBar is unisex and is available in 3 colors — Black, Denim Titanium, and Blue Jeans. You may purchase it at UrbanTool.com for $99.90 USD.

Disclosure: This product was sent by Urban Tool for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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