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At first glance, the Griffin A-Frame may look like a mini easle, but upon closer examination, it’s a well-thought out iPad stand with multiple uses!

The stand is made of a heavy aluminum — heavy, more as in sturdiness than weight — and has soft non-slip rubber around the hinges and where the stand meets the table/desktop, as well as where it may touch the iPad.

The attention to detail on this accessory is really nice. Any part of that may touch the iPad is lined with a soft rubber so the iPad would not scratch. The metal used is cleanly cut, leaving no sharp edges on the stand. The stand also folds neatly into a flat position, making it easier to pack in your luggage/gadget bags.

There are a few ways of using the Griffin A-Frame. You can it stand upright and put your iPad on it in either landscape or portrait mode. That’s one thing that works very well with this stand — the ability to have your iPad in landscape mode. Pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and you have a mini workstation.

Another way to use the stand is to have it flat on the desk and have your iPad sit in landscape mode on top of it. This provides a slight angle that’s perfect for typing onscreen. Your wrists rests on the bottom of the stand and you can comfortably type on the iPad for a while.

Having a thin case on the iPad or none at all is optional. The stand will hold the iPad either way. Some examples of how you can use the stand are:

  • When syncing or charging your device. Just have the device lay on the stand in landscape mode and connect.
  • Set up the stand and iPad in the kitchen and watch your favorite shows as you do dishes.
  • Set it up on your desk to quickly and easily view your calendar and notes.
  • Connect a keyboard and you have a mini and portable workstation.
  • Use it as a stand for your iPad photo frame.

There are many more situations where you would want to use a stand, but I’ll leave that up to you to discover.

The Griffin A-Frame stand unclutters your workspace, while making it a little more sophisticated. Having the stand on your desk makes you iPad take up less room as well as make the content on your iPad more accessible and easier to read.

Overall, the Griffin A-Frame gets an A+ in my book. It’s solid, durable, and versatile. The Griffin A-Frame iPad stand is available for $49.99 at GriffinTechnology.com.

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