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Every geek has gadgets. Finding ways to carrying them around may sometimes be a hassle. But there’s a great solution. Meet the Cocoon Innovation Harlem Sling bag. It’s slim and lightweight, yet can fit most of your gadgets and personal belongings. As an added bonus, it’ll keep them organized as well.

There are three main zipper compartments in this bag. The largest is the back pocket that allows you to slip your iPad/netbook in easily. It’s large enough to hold your iPad with the thickest case out there, or a 10″ netbook. It’s lightly padded on the back so both you and your device are comfortable when you’re traveling.

On the front of the bag is a small media zipper pocket. This can fit an iPhone or media player in it. Next to the pocket is a small hole that you can thread your headphones though, which makes listening to music very convenient.

The third zipper compartment is large enough for the rest of your things. There’s a built-in divider where you store and separate your credit cards, pens, and little items. In addition to all the great space, this bag also comes with a Cocoon Innovation’s unique GRID-IT!TM system. It’s their signature organization system made of rubberized woven elastic. This piece allows you to further organize your personal belongings into a neat little grid. Attach your headset, gadgets, second phone, cables, wires, chapstick, ID cards, markers, gum, mints, lotion bottle, shampoo, and more. The system is designed to hold your belongings firmly in place.

This bag is held together with an adjustable cross-body strap which reminds me of a seatbelt. The strap doesn’t have extra padding on it, but it does feels very comfortable on the body even after a long period of time. The weight in the bag is distributed evenly, so you don’t feel to heavy on any one side.

Overall, the bag is designed very nicely. Not only does it keep your iPad or netbook safe, you can carry all of your other important things in it as well. Simply slide the bag to your side and your belongings are conveniently within reach. Although the bag is small, this doesn’t compromise its ability to organized and quite functional. That’s what makes this bag stand out.

The only improvement I can suggest for this bag is the addition of some extra padding on the strap. But other than that, I feel this bag is perfect for geeks on the go.

The Cocoon Innovation Harlem Sling is available in three colors — Black, Gun Gray, and Racing Red. Considering that the GRID-IT!TM system alone will cost you about $10, the price for this bag is really good. You can purchase it for $54.99 at Cocoon Innovations. Rated 5 our of 5 stars.

Disclosure: This product was sent by Cocoon Innovations for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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