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Holy iPad! It’s the Batman of all iPad cases! That’s right, the OtterBox Defender Series iPad case has arrived. It’s super strong and tough, and has three layers of protection. Try to get through this case evil doers!

But with all silliness aside, this case is the most protective case I’ve seen yet. It looks very stylish and is quite multi-functional too. There’s enough layers of protection to impress even your iPad!

The first and inner-most layer is the slide and snap-on polycarbonate shell. Remove the upper piece and slide your iPad in. This polycarbonate piece is lined with a velvety material to keep your iPad scratch-free within the case. The bottom half of this case is removable so you can use your iPad Keyboard (or stand) with the case on. The removable piece also makes it easy to charge the iPad without removing the entire case. Simply slide the lower piece on and off when needed. Another nifty feature of this layer is the clear round plastic around the Apple logo, making it visible, yet keeping it scratch-free.

The next layer of protection is a durable silicone skin that wraps around the entire case. Every part around the edge of the iPad is covered by silicone, including the buttons and ports. If you need to use the headphone jack, simply pull out the silicone covering to use. This feature keeps the port dust-free when not in use. The orientation lock button is also covered in a similar way. Simply pull out to access the toggle switch. As for the volume and on/off buttons, you can simply press on them to access the features. There are cutouts where the speakers are, so the audio of the iPad is not compromised in the case.

The last layer of protection is a fun one. It’s the shield that you snap on top of the case to protect the display area when not in use. It makes a nice travel case if you need to toss it in a backpack or suitcase. But when you are using the iPad, this shield can convert into an iPad stand! On the interior of the shield are two slanted pieces that pull up to create a stand. Slide in your iPad (with case) on and viola, you have yourself a nice little iPad TV set. It’s very convenient when you need the iPad to be in a viewing position. The iPad will only fit in landscape mode, and the angle cannot be adjusted (~45 degree angle). And when you don’t want to use the stand, you can snap the shield onto the back of the case for more heavy-duty protection.

The one downside to this case is that it’s very heavy. It adds an additional 1.3 pounds to the iPad (with the shield on), but you can’t expect less from an indestructible case! Because of the weight, it’s not ideal for reading in long periods of time. The other downside is that it costs about 1/5 of the device. It’s a bit steep for an accessory, but the materials used are high quality if you can look pass these drawbacks. So prepare to put your iPad in the toughest case available on the market today!

In addition to the case and front shield, the package also comes with a cleaning cloth, squeegee, and screen protector, which is at least an additional $15 value.

The Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case is available in black for $89.95. You can purchase it at OtterBox.com.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars · $89.95 · OtterBox.com · Purchase on Amazon ($50.29)

Disclosure: This product was sent by OtterBox for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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  • http://superduperfantastic.net/ suki

    Ack, why does it have to be so heavy!?! :) This sounds ideal. Is there a lighter version of something like thisss?