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It’s almost time to head back to school! I thought you could use a few games as well as educational apps for the start of the school year! Here are this week’s bargain iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps:


Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion – Help each member of Linkin Park find their stolen tracks in this 8-bit/high resolution world! Walk around in the various city districts, completing missions, destroying evil-doers and help retrieve all the music tracks back! Enjoy 8 Link Park tracks in their original and 8-bit formats and unlock a brand new exclusive song! Normally $4.99, but on sale for 99 cents for a limited time!
iPad Version (99 cents) | iPhone Version (99 cents) | iPhone Lite Version (Free)

WordsWorth – Race against the clock and make as many words as you can in this honeycomb-gameboard. Score extra points if you find the bonus world. One of the few games updated to work with Apple’s new Game Center, you can now see your scores ranked on the worldwide leader board as well as just among friends! It’s currently 50% off for a limited time. iPhone Version (99 cents)

Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage – is a hidden object game that ties in with the movie. Two modes available – Easy and Hard. Hard mode is played with a timer, while Easy is without. Normally $1.99, but on sale this weekend for 99 cents!
Universal Version (99 cents)

Lite Brite – this apps brings back so many memories for me as a child. Although I never owned a Lite-Brite, the commercials of the popular toy kept playing ver and over again on TV that I really wanted one! It’s a black board where you get to stick colored pegs in to make images that glow in the dark. Well, now I can own a piece of my childhood right on my iPhone! Complete colorful projects and even create animation with the app! iPhone Version (99 cents)

Coin Push Frenzy – Remember those quarter-pushing machines at arcades and casinos that would eat up all your quarters as they push one or two down? Well, now you can play the same game right on your iPhone, without gambling much money! Drop you coins and push down surprise mystery boxes, bonus coins, and more. Collect various virtual gifts from the mystery boxes and store them in your trophy room! iPhone Version (Free)

Geared HD is a fun game of physics where you place cogs and gears in a way so the end contraption turns! Tap and place gears down of all sizes. Normally $2.99 for the iPad version, but it’s free this weekend only!
iPad Version (Free) | iPhone Version (99 cents) | iPhone Lite Version (Free)

Entertainment and Lifestyle Apps

Appshopper is my favorite place to find bargain iPhone/iPad apps! They finally have their own app so you won’t miss another sale again! Create a wishlist of the apps you want and you’ll be notified when their prices drop! If you’re an app-addict like me, this is a must!
Universal App (Free)

Romantic Dinner Date Recipes – flip through recipes to cook for your sweetie. Once you find something, add it to the shopping cart and your ingredients will be listed nicely for you to go purchase! So go make something yummy for your sweetheart now!
iPhone Version (Free)

Percolator is a new photo app that allows you to transform your photos into dazzling multicolor mosaics! Import or take a photo and your image will instantly be a colorful mosaic of round circles. Great app for inspiration for designers and graphic artists. Currently at introductory price of 99 cents. iPhone Version (99 cents)

I Am T-Pain is absolutely fun and hilarious. Sing and the app will auto-tune your voice so you sound just like T-Pain. Plug your iPhone into speakers and it becomes a fun karaoke app! The recently updated version has an option to T-Pain your voice messages using the T-Pain Dialer. This will send voice messages to your friends as a fun prank. ;) Normally $2.99, it’s on sale this week for 99 cents. iPhone Version (99 cents)

New York: The Best of New York by Baffled By Travel, 2010/2011 Edition – If you’re planning to head to New York anytime soon, this app is a must. It highlights some of the best some of the best museums, eateries, nightlife, shops, hotels, and attractions in NY. Explore each of NY’s cities, and add favorite items to your profile. Once you’re in the city, use the “where” option to find things near you. Normally $7.99, it’s Free for a limited time!
iPhone Version (Free)

Back-to-School Apps

EMD PTE Periodic Table – If you’re taking Chemistry this fall, or need to review the periodic tablet of elements, this comes in pretty handy. Click on the elements to get more information on it. The app is universal, working on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
Universal Version (Free)

3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool is perfect for students taking Biology. Learn about what makes up the cell structure with a 3d model, as well as stain your own cell by selecting colors for each structure. Have fun rotating the cell around and finding the Golgi, Lysosomes, and Nucleus! iPad Version (Free)

NASA is a fabulous app if you want to dive deep into space exploration. Explore each of the planets closely. Read tweets from space, read NASA news, see thousands of images from space, and much much more. Internet connection is required.
iPad Version (Free) | iPhone Version (Free)

Molecules – View 3D renderings of molecules. Rotate, zoom, and pan the molecules with your the touch of your fingers. You can even download additional molecules at the RCSB Protein Data Bank. It’s the perfect app for the scientist in the family!
Universal Version (Free)

iStudiez Pro is a great app for college students. It’s like a student schedule/daily planner all rolled into one. Add class schedules, prioritize assignments, add notes, and more. Push notification to alert you of upcoming tasks and homework. Gorgeous interface. It’s a student planner good enough to accommodate even the most hectic student schedules. It’s a little more on the expensive side, but definitely worth it if you’re a student. Try out the Lite version before buying! Universal Version ($2.99)

History Maps is a collection of various historical maps. Maps included range from as early as England in 700 to the mid-1900s. Perfect for the historian in the family.
Universal Version (Free)

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