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Now be honest, when you see a beautiful dessert, can you refrain from snapping a photo of it? If you watch the Food Network, or just enjoy food in general, this community is just for you! It’s called FoodSpotting — a fun social network with food-snapping users who share their daily dishes through photos and reviews.

The website is fun to browse, but it’s much more fun to share your eateries while you’re on location. That’s why there’s a fun iPhone app for that! There are 5 major functions on the iPhone app — Browse, Find, Spot, Guides, and Profile. Let’s step through each one.

Browse. This is a photographic way to see all the foods around you! The app uses the gps to find photos of food taken near your current location. This makes it easier to find restaurants if you see something you like. The photos are displayed in a fun slideshow of postage stamps that you can swipe back and forth. See a food item you like? Tap on it to see the person’s review, their review, and the location of where you can get it. You can also tag the photo with “Want It,” “Nom it”, add in your own photo, or even leave a comment for the foodspotter.

Find. This option displays a list of restaurants that are near your current location. Click on a restaurant and view photos of the dishes taken there along with their reviews. Click on the photos for more options (similar to the Browse feature) — “Want it,” “Nom it,”, leave a comment for the foodspotter, and more.

Spot. This function is what makes the app. When you’re at a restaurant or eatery and your food comes out, click on “Spot.” It’ll prompt you to select or take a new photo of your dish. Once you pick an option to add a photo, also select the restaurant location and type of food on the top. After, click on “Add sighting” and your food photo would automatically be uploaded on the site for all to see and nom! You also have the option to connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Foursquare accounts when uploading.

Guides. If you follow the Food Network and/or the Travel Channel, you’ll love this feature. Let’s say for example, you enjoy the restaurants Anthony Bourdain visits. You can follow one of his city guides on Foodspotting and it’ll list restaurants he visited in that city. You can then eat everything he ate! Add your own photos to complete the guide. Other guides include ones created by Zagat, Top Chef, Food Network, Travel Channel, 7×7 Magazine, and many more.

Profile. This section displays your Foodspotting user profile. The first page displays your recent activities, foods your spotted, foods you wanted, guides you’re following, and how many people you follow. Tap on the options to drill down deeper.

Overall, Foodspotting is a great app to really tie the Foodspotting community together. It makes it much easier to share, rate, and leave comments on food photos while on the go! So sign up, have fun and Bon Appetite! I want to see what you eat!

FoodSpotting for the iPhone is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

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