Top Bargain iPhone and iPad Apps for October!

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Looking for new apps? Start October off right with some great iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad games and apps at the best lowest prices. They’re hand-picked and tested by yours truly! Enjoy!

We City – Love the city? Why not build your own city from scratch? From the makers of We Rule and We Farm comes the new We City! Start out by building a school, factory, and a few houses and apartments. Collect money from taxes and selling products to build a convenient store, fast food restaurant, pet store, and much much more. The graphics are gorgeous and music is quite soothing to listen to. Best of all, it’s free! Use your Plus+ account to find your friends and purchase items from their stores! iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free) | iPad Version (Free)

Super Monkey Ball 2 is a popular hit on the iPhone! Dive into the new 3D world of Super Monkey Ball 2 with your favorite 4 monkeys! If you love this game on other platforms, you’ll love it even more with the iPhone’s accelerometer and touch screen. Have better control as you launch your monkeys off of various ramps and collect bananas. There’s also plenty of mini games to keep you busy, including Monkey Golf, Monkey Target, and Monkey Bowling! This game is jammed-packed! Originally $9.99, this game is on sale fr 99 cents for a limited time.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPad Version ($7.99)

Osmos – You get to play the part of a moving orb, or mote as the game calls it. Your mission is to move around and swallow up orbs smaller than you. Move around by tapping in front and slow down by tapping in back of your orb. It gets really addictive! Normally $2.99, it’s now 99 cents for a limited time. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPad Version ($4.99)

Angry Birds – This popular game has been recently updated to include Game Center. Now you can climb up the worldwide leaderboard! Slingshot birds to knock out the pesky pigs! Score big points when you do it in just a few shots. Definitely worth the 99 cents!
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPhone/iPod Touch Lite Version (Free) | iPad Version ($4.99)

Sparkles the Game – Your mission is to save Crowberry Woods! The game play is pretty simple. As a row of snake-like orbs enters the screen, tap where you want your orb to land. Match 3 or more orbs to make them disappear! Make several matches in a row to receive powerups. But be careful, don’t let the orbs fall into the abyss! So work quickly! Normally $2.99, but on sale today for 99 cents. There is a free version, so try before you buy!
iPhone/iPod touch (99 cents) | iPhone/iPod Touch Lite Version (Free)

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 – Take home the world’s fastest hedgehog and race with him into all sorts of adventures! Run around on loops and spins, and hold on to all your rings! Sonic the hedgehodge is a speedy one, can you handle him? Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 are both available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Originally $5.99, they are both on sale for $1.99 for a limited time.
Sonic the HedgeHodge 1 / iPhone ($1.99) | Sonic the HedgeHodge 2 / iPhone ($1.99)

Spore CreaturesTM – Create, explore, and evolve! Create your land creature and explore the big wide open spaces while eating lower lifeforms. As you grow bigger, evolve and gain new abilities! It’s survival of the fittest! This game is an excellent follow-up to the hit Spore Origins. Normally $6.99, it’s now 99 cents for a limited time!
iPhone/iPod touch (99 cents) | iPhone/iPod Touch Lite Version (Free)

PAC-MAN Championship Edition – Think you’re the ultimate Pac-Man fan? Play Pac-man in various modes including Mission, Championship, Challenge, and Online Tournament (using Facebook). Complete each mission and see who is the dot-chomping champion! Normally $2.99, on sale now for 99 cents. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents)

Glee Karaoke – If you love singing and you’re a Gleek, this app was made especially for you! Sing your favorite Glee song while earning fans and plenty of starburts! Everytime you sing a song, you’ll earn starbursts as a reward. Sing better, follow missions and share your recordings to earn even more starbursts. The latest app updates include a one-time practice for any track before you buy as well as support for iPod Touch 4 users. Normally $2.99, get it for 99 cents. Universal App (99 cents)

Star Wars: Cantina – If you enjoy time management games, as well as Star Wars, you’ll love this one! You get to play the part of galactic adventurer Nia Adea, running your little cantina on Tatooine! Serve drinks to your customers quickly and accurately because they could get a little difficult! Originally $6.99, it’s now only 99 cents.
iPhone / iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPad Version ($4.99)

Diptic is a sweet little photography app that lets you combine multiple photos to create new image. Adding and updating the image is really easy. Export to your photo roll or email to your friends. Originally $3.99, now free just today. iPhone / iPod Touch 4 Version (Free)

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  • elyse wikanta

    We City is my fave app! <3

  • Daynah

    I love We City too! How is your city coming along? Thanks for the comment as well! I just sent you a promo code for Osmos for iPad. Enjoy!

  • elyse

    I’m still building the city, slowly but surely :D
    Thanks so much for the Osmos for iPad promo code!