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Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or are you curious about your sleeping habits? Now you can find out just how well you’re sleeping. Meet the Zeo, your very own personal sleeping coach!

Monitoring your sleeping habits has never been so easy. Simply put the Zeo headband on right before bedtime. The Zeo headband will magically record your sleeping habits and send it wirelessly to the Zeo device. When you wake up, put the headband back on the device to charge, and check out your ZQ score.

What is ZQ?
In a single number, ZQ objectively measures the quality and quantity of your sleep by calculating the total amount of time you slept (Total Z) and adding and subtracting points based on the amount of restorative sleep (Deep and REM) and disruptive sleep (time and duration spent awake) that you get throughout the night. The result is a simple, unique way to both measure and understand your sleep.

While testing out the product, I found that it takes a bit of getting use to at first. The headband may slip, move, and even fall off while you sleep at night. If you have long hair, the best way to wear it is over the forehead and under the hair. That seems to keep it in place through the night. Put the headband over the hair tends to make it slip. When the headband does fall off, the Sleep Score show up as “inefficient data” and the score for that night will not be added to your average ZQ score.

When you sleep, the headband will collect the electrical signals naturally produced by the brain and transmit it to the device. When you wake up, simply put the headband back on the magnetic top of the device, and began to analyze your sleep. You can see how long and how well you slept last night, in addition to how many times you woke up, if you were in deep sleep or not, and your ZQ score. Tab through your sleep graph for to see exactly what times you were in deep sleep, REM, and when you woke up!

Your sleeping data is saved locally onto a SD card. For further analysis of your sleeping habits, take the sd card and upload the data online onto (via your computer). On the website, can see graphs of your average sleep time, and your personal coach can help you analyze the data. The graphs look amazing on the website, breaking down your data into various easy-to-understand charts.

If you have an iPhone, there’s an added bonus. The new myZeo (Sleep Viewer) iPhone app allows you can take your sleep analysis tool on the go. I found that I use the app more often since its easier to analyze my sleep when I have a free minute or two. Before you use the iPhone app, be sure to sign up for an account on the first and upload your Zeo data. Log into the iPhone app and you’re first greeted with bar graphs displaying data from your last 7 nights. You can quickly view your ZQ score for the entire week. For further analysis, click on “Nightly Data” to see exactly what type of sleep and how well you slept for that night. Swipe left and right to cycle through each day. Rotate the screen to take a closer look of the nightly graph (same graph you’ll find on your device and the website). This graph will display exactly when you fell asleep, when you were awake, and when you had light and deep sleep. The user interface of the iPhone app was very easy to read, and the data display looks gorgeous. Graphs are highlighted in various colors, making the data very easy to understand.

As you update your data onto the website, your myZeo Sleeping Coach will analyze this data and email you a sleep fitness assessment. These emails are personalized with helpful hints on what you can improve your ZQ score.

Overall, I think the Zeo is quite an amazing product. Never have we been able to visualize how well we’re sleeping until now. If you’re interested in knowing more about yourself and your sleeping habits, I highly recommend this product. The only downfall is the high price, but I feel it’s worth it in the long run. The more you know, the better you’ll sleep.

You can purchase the Zeo online for $199. It comes with the display device, a headband, a SD card and USB reader, a SmartWake alarm option, and access to all of the online analysis tools. Additional access to the Guided Coach options are $7.95 a month or $79.95 a year. If you prefer to pay up front $299 for the device, you also get a lifetime of Guided Coaching. For more information, see

Disclosure: This product was sent by Zeo for review purposes. his is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPhone products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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