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Tis the season to be shopping and gifting! And here are a few apps to help you get through the month of December! Some will help you relieve holiday stress and some to help you with shopping!

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – ZeptoLab wanted to thank all the Om Nom fans out there with this special free holiday gift! It’s 25 holiday “Cut the Rope” levels. Be sure to feed Om Nom candy by cutting the rope and land the candy safely into Om Nom’s mouth! Integrated with Game Center and new achievements. It’s definitely worth the download. Universal App (Free)

Angry Birds Seasons – One of the most popular games on the iPhone and iPad is now available in a special holiday edition. Previously known as “Angry Birds Halloween,” it now has addition levels highlighting a winter theme. The one thing that’s different about this holiday theme is that a new level is unlocked each day in Dec. So on Dec 5, five levels are unlocked for you to play. And the 6th one wont be available until Dec 6 at midnight. This keeps is interesting as you can’t breeze through all the levels in one night. Game Center supported.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPad Version ($1.99)

Bakery Story is the 5th title in the mega-hit “Story” series from Team Lava and is quite adorable. If you’re addicted to titles like Restaurant Story and City Story, you’ll love this one. Open up your own little bakery and customize it to you heart’s desire. Decorate the wall, change the flooring, add new furniture. But most importantly, customize your bakery’s menu! From chocolate cakes to croissants, keep the yummy creations coming to keep your customers happy. A storm8 account is needed to add your friends and give out gifts. Just like the other games in the series, it’s available in the iTunes app store for free and has Game Center supported. Universal App (Free)

Adventure Bay – Ever want to escape to your very own tropical paradise? Now you can build an island any way you want. Plant tropical trees everywhere, businesses, huts and more! Visit your friends’ islands and help them with quests, collecting treasures in return. Escape to Adventure Bay and see what kind of treasure you can bring back!
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free) | iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free)

Pogo Games is 5 games in one! You get Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Poppit, Sweet Tooth 2, and Mahjong Safari all in one free app. In Word Whomp, you have to make as many words as you can with 6 letters. In Turbo 21, deal out an entire deck and make as many 21 hands as you can. In Poppit, you pop balloons to release prizes. Release as many prizes as you can to win! Sweet Tooth is a match 3 game and Mahjong Safari is a game where you find the correct path to match up the animals. The ads may be a little bit annoying, so an upgrade option is also available.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free)

Doodle Fit is a fun puzzle game where you need to fit geometric shapes into a bigger shape. Think of Tetris in various containers. Think fast and fit all the shapes in the box. Lots of fun doodle graphics and works on both iPhone and iPad. Best of all, it’s free for a limited time!
Universal App (Free)

Magic Life – Do you believe in magic? Now you can you play in a world of imagination and magic all around you. Wander in the wondrous place of enchantment and mystery. Learn how to make magic spells. You can make monstrous cyclops disappears, and creatures into other animals. Explore the amazing 3d graphics as you finish your quests. Game Center support and currently free! iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free) | iPad Version (Free)

Google Books – Another bookstore is in town! Now you can buy your books from Google too. Access over 2 million Google eBooks on your favorite device. Features options to change font size/typeface, search within the book, more book info, page turns, night-reading mode, and offline reading mode. All you need is to log into your Gmail account to access your books. Universal App (Free)

Target for iPad – Getting ready for some Christmas shopping? Be sure to check out the weekly ads on the Target iPad app. Just set your store location and the ad will appear. Flip through the pages and when you see something you like, tap and add it to your list. When you’re done browsing, email the list to yourself and you’re ready to go shopping. The apps makes it a fun and green way to read the weekly ads! iPad Version (Free)

Windowshop by Amazon is a fun way to browse what’s available on Pictures of products are displayed according to categories and you can tap and swipe away. Tap on a category and the entire screen is filled with items from only that category. It does make shopping and finding gift-giving ideas much easier! iPad Version (Free)

Price Check by Amazon – If you’re out shopping already, you may want to use this app to scan products you’re thinking about buying! Scan the barcode of an item and it’ll return you all the prices it’s selling for. Compare and see if you’re getting the best deal. It’s the perfect app for the holiday shopping season! iPhone Version (Free)

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