Use an iPad to Add Some Light to Your Photos

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How to use an iPad for great photo lighting!

I was having dinner with my friend, Mark, at Daliah Lounge in Seattle last week. The restaurant looked lovely, and so did the food! You know how I love taking photos of food, especially for Foodspotting. The restaurant was a little bit dark though. I was going to use my regular camera (with a flash) until I saw Mark pull out his iPad and raised it over his food. Then he took out his camera and snapped a photo. I thought it was funny at first, but then I found myself doing the same. It was quite a clever idea. ;)

Albert snapped this photo of me putting just the perfect amount of light on my food. :)

And here are the photos I took of my dinner and desserts with iPad lighting. Yes, it’s another awesome use for the iPad. :)

How to use an iPad as a light source for photos

  1. On your iPad, go to Settings -> Tap on Brightness -> Move the scrollbar to the max
  2. Hold the light at the right angle on your subject.
  3. Snap a photo on your other device in the other hand.

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