Bargain iPhone and iPad Apps: Angry Birds Rio, Bugs Village, LEGO and more!

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Looking for some new apps for your iPhone and/or iPad? Here are some of favorite bargain apps for this month! Enjoy!

100 Cameras in 1 – Take a lot of photos on your phone? Make them even more beautiful by adding some filters. Choose from one of 100 filters, tap, and add. It’s fast and simple to use, and has a lovely interface. iPhone version was $1.99, and iPad version just came out.
iPhone/iPod Version (99 cents) | iPad 2 Version ($2.99)

Angry Birds Rio – If you love Angry Birds, than you probably already have this version! The Angry Birds have been captured, but you know them — a little cage can’t handle them. They made their escape and are freeing the other birds with them! Slingshot and break the cages to help the birds escape in the first episode. In the second episode, you can to take flight in the jungle. Smash the monkeys that get in the way of your escape! 60 new levels altogether, and more coming in the next few months! iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPhone/iPod Touch Lite Version (Free) | iPad Version ($2.99) | iPad Lite Version (Free)

Bird Zapper – Help Skippy the Squirrel get rid of the pesky birds on the wires! You have the power of electical shock, so tap, swipe, and zap those birds. It’s a fun match-3 game with plenty of moving parts to get your brain in a frenzy. Accumulate points by zapping birds with stars and special powers. Match, zap, and clear those power lines! Universal App (99 cents)

Bing – Experience searching the internet in new way! Type or speak to find what you’re looking for. Or swipe through popular searches for each day. Bing has a beautiful interface that’s filled with spectacular photos.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free) | iPad Version (Free)

Bug Village – Think of this game as Smurf’s Village with A Bug’s Life theme! Beautiful graphics, where your favorite insects can roam around. Build homes for the ants and bees, and watch them harvest food. The game is free to play. To advance quickly in levels, you can purchase extra coins or download specific apps.
Universal App (Free)

Chimani National Parks – The five national park iPhone Apps from Chimani are free in celebration of National Park Week. This offer starts today through 4/24/2011. Apps are normally between $4.99-$9.99 each. They include detailed information about the park such as maps, photos, audio tour, sunrise and sunset data, and bus schedules. iPhone/iPod Touch Apps: Yosemite National Park (334 MB) · Grand Canyon National Park (132 MB) · Acadia National Park (167 MB) · Cape Cod National Seashore (115 MB) · Cuyahoga Valley National Park (152 MB)

CarZen – Shopping for a car but want to avoid the hassle? Do it right on your iPad! With CarZen, browse numerous makes and models and find exactly what you want. When you find something you like, send an request for a quote (right in the app). You’ll receive an email with the quote and continue your shopping from there.
iPad Version (Free)

Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie – E.B., the Easter Bunny’s son is about to take over the family business, so he needs to be super-efficient at jumping. And who should help him out than Doodle the Doodler himself? Help E.B. jump and hop on pedestals and make it up as far as he can. Gather Easter eggs on 25 unlockable levels. Universal (Free)

Eggs vs Chicken – So what came first — the chicken or the egg? I’m not sure what the answer to that is either, but you can find out who’s stronger! Assemble and align the eggs into rows of matching colors. Tap to release and have them roll over the attacking chickens! Fun game at an introductory price of 99 cents. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents)

Halftone – Add a beautiful vintage halftone-style printing effect to your photos. Choose from 21 paper styles, 9 layouts, and 6 talk bubble styles to decorate your photos. Take photos right from the app, or import from your photo roll. Fun app to create comic-like photos.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – Big Harry Potter fan? Than you got to get this! Visit the Lego version of Hogwarts as Harry Potter, Hagrid, and all the characters you can think of. The graphics are amazing, and the game play is even more fun! It feels like you’re watching a movie in between each level. Run around and collect Lego pellets while fulfilling the level’s quest. Currently on sale for just $2.99 and worth every penny. Universal App ($2.99)

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt – Welcome to the land of Ninjago! Train with the Sensei and his ninjas to the protect the and of Ninjago from Garmadon and his evil skeleton army. Spin your way in the arena to defeat your opponents and win coins and unlock new gear for your ninja. Tap on the screen to spin, and tilt your device to move your ninja.
Universal App (Free)

Tiny Wings – Fly little birdie, fly. But your wings are too tiny! But lucky for your, your world is full of hills that you can slide down on and jump as high as your can. Flap as you’re in the air! Get as far as you can before nightfall. Game Center and OpenFeint enabled with 30 achievements. The game is filled with beautiful colors and graphics. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents)

Pac ‘N Jump – Think Doodle Jump meets Pacman! Bounce as high as you can without falling and avoid the ghosts and other enemies, unless you chomped a power pellet! Chomp on pellets and bonus items to bounce even higher. Complete each mission to unlock additional stages. Universal App (99 cents)

Postagram – Do you use Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing app? Now there’s Postagram, an app that easily turns your cool Instagram photos into a postcard! Login with your Instagram account, select your photo, add the appropriate addresses, and send. Each postcard is just 99 cents, and the first one is free! iPhone/iPod Version (Free)

Words with Friends – Play the most popular word game on the iPhone and iPad. Newly acquired by Zynga, this game now has many more social features built-in. Connect to Facebook to display your avatar and find even more friends to play with. The latest updates comes with better graphics and faster game play.
iPhone Version ($2.99) | iPad Version ($2.99) | iPad Lite Version (Free)

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