September’s Bargain iPhone and iPad Apps

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Start the Fall season right with some new bargain apps for your iPhone and iPad!

Band of the Day – Here’s an app that makes discovering new music a lot of fun! It has a very slick user interface. Learn and read about a new band each day and listen to a one of their songs while you’re reading their bio. If you love the song, just click to purchase via iTunes. Definitely worth the download if you enjoy music. iPhone / iPod Touch Version (Free)

Turntable.FM – Join in a room and DJ music with your friends! Discover new music and give props to the DJ. It’s a fun music social network app with a cute little interface. At any one time, there can be up to 5 DJ’s playing music in a room. Let them know if the song is either Lame or Awesome. There’s also an option to chat with the listeners as well. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free)

VidRhythm – Ever dreamed of starring in your own music video? Well, stop dreaming because it’s about to become a reality in just one minute! Create music videos instantly by recording just a few sounds. The app will remix it for you and you instantly become a rock star! Universal App – iPhone 3Gs+, iPod Touch 4th Gen, and iPad 2 Only ($1.99)

Tonara – This app is great for musicians! Ever play the piano and you have to take a quick pause to turn the music sheet? Well, you don’t have to do that with this app. It can listen to the music you’re playing and follow along with you. Great if you’re just starting to play the piano. Only bad thing is there’s only a few music sheets available at the moment. But it is free, so be sure to try it out! iPad Version (Free)

Feed Me Oil – For all of your puzzle lovers out there, this one is a must-have! In the game, you need the little monsters oil but putting contraptions so the oil will drip in where it’s suppose to go. Absolutely fun and addicting. Try out the lite versions to see if you enjoy it. iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents) | iPhone/iPod Touch Lite Version (Free) | iPad Version ($1.99) | iPad Lite Version (Free)

My Horse – If you love horses, I highly recommend this app. Adopt, feed, pet, train, and take care of your virtual horse. The graphics are amazingly beautiful and realistic. It’s also a universal app, so you can use it on all your iDevices. Connect with friends on Facebook and Game Center to have your horses socialize. My username is ‘daynah’ if you want to add me!
Universal App (Free)

Dragonvale – Build a little village where you can raise your dragons! Grow and plant them and interact with friends who are playing as well. The graphics are adorable, and the game is relaxing to play and listen to. Plant beautiful trees, habitats, and other beautiful things dragons love. A must-have for dragon-lovers. Universal App (Free)

Dolphin Browser – What a fun way to surf the internet! This browser displays your most visited websites in a beautiful magazine-style display (iPad Version). Flip and turn headlines to read the complete articles. Add news sections to your browser start up page so you can quickly view them. Rss files are displayed nicely with photos and excerpts. Great alternative browser.
iPhone/iPod Touch Version (Free) | iPad Version (Free)

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