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If you’re looking for a nicely padded folio-style iPad 2 case, the Incipio iPad 2 Premium Kickstand Case may be the one you want. It has a unique three-fold design that converts your iPad into many different positions and uses.

First of all, putting your iPad 2 into the case is absolutely easy. Open the case and simply slide your iPad into the four sturdy clips. It’s best to hold the case in landscape mode when doing this and slide in from left to right. Once it’s in, you have yourself a good looking iPad 2 folio. But transform itself to be much more.

The exterior of the case is made of a rugged rip-stop nylon. It’s thick enough to provide a lot of protection for your iPad 2. To protect it from bumps and scratches, the interior is made of a soft micro-suede material, along with four sturdy clips that hold your iPad 2 in place. There are cutouts in the flaps for the camera and the buttons and ports are not covered, making them easily accessible.

A stand. The tri-fold design allows this case to become a stand. On the front interior flap of the case is a soft rubber strip that has 3 grooves (or indentations) in it. Fold flap with the iPad 2 on it and set it on one of the grooves. This then converts your case into a nice iPad stand. There are three angles that you switch between. Each one is good for surfing, video viewing, and email reading.

Typing Mode. It was such a pleasant surprise when I learned that the case can be converted into a typing position. You’ll first need to flip the case inside out (backwards). Then you’ll notice on the front flap, there’s a smaller mini front flap that can be pulled up. Open and pull up and you’ll see three ribbon stays. Now fit the flap with the iPad 2 into the exposed ribbon stays and it’s in the perfect elevated position for you to type your notes or documents. This feature makes the case work very well in the classroom or business meetings.

Screen View Only. Perhaps you’re playing a game or reading a book and prefer to have your screen exposed. So you need the front flap to not get in the way. To do this, flip the front flap back so it touches the back side. On the back flap is an elastic band. Pull this band over the front flap so it gets held in place. Now the case won’t get in the way of your reading/game playing!

Overall, the Incipio iPad 2 Premium Kickstand Case is not only very functional, but lovely and professional at the same time. The rip-stop nylon on the exterior adds a beautiful texture to the case. The only drawback is that the case is slightly thicker than most folio-style cases. But this extra padding helps absorb any drops or impact the iPad 2 may face. If you enjoy having a built-in stand, need a case that will protect both the front and back of the iPad, and type a lot on your device, this is case may suit you.

The Incipio iPad 2 Premium Kickstand Case is available in four colors — Black Nylon, Light Gray Nylon, Sand Nylon, and Black Synthetic Leather. Each can be purchased for $39.99.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars · · $39.99 · Amazon ($25.94)

Disclosure: This product was sent by Incipio for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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