The Guild Season 3 and more!

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I’m very happy to see my favorite web series, The Guild, just everywhere! The Guild: Season 3 DVD was recently released and comes with so much bonus material! It’s an Amazon exclusive! Bonus material includes Tips for Making a Web Video, Do You Want to Date My Avatar music video, The Making of “Do You Want to Date My Avatar”, Halloween Video, Guild Applicant Rejects, How to Build Vork’s Sword, Interviews with the Axis of Anarchy, Gag Reels, and so much more! My copy arrived earlier this week and I can’t wait to watch Season 3 all over again this weekend!

The amazing DVD cover photo was taken by The Bui Brothers. Catch their behind-the-scenes video of the Guild photoshoot! I love their work.
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iPhone App Review: Coolibah

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Name: Coolibah [itunes link="" title="Coolibah_Partners-Coolibah_-_Digital_Scrapbooking"]
Written By:
Category: Lifestyle
Price: $4.99 FREE

Size: 16.5 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch
Version: 1.0
Rate: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

If you love scrapbooking, you’ll definitely love the iPhone/iPod touch app called Coolibah. It’s a premium digital scrapbooking app for all your iPhone and iPod Touch photos.

Creating a new scrapbook is very simple and only takes seconds! There’s a free kit that’s pre-installed when you purchase the app. Start a new page by picking a background for your layout. Then add a photo, a few embellishments, and maybe some text. Then viola, you’re done creating your first digital iPhone scrapbook page! Now repeat the steps by adding another page to it and another, and before you know it, you’ll have an entire book documenting your vacation or subject!

Once you’re done, export the book and the pages will be added into your Photo roll. If you like, these can be easily used to print great 4×6 prints as well, or be uploaded to various social networks.

To me, browsing the gallery is one of my favorite things to do in the app. The gallery includes beautiful kits with embellishments created by premium designers. Kits are free or costs about 99 cents each. This is denoted by a gift icon (free) or a dollar sign. You can even browse the elements in the kits before purchasing them.

Some editing features include adding one or more photos to pages, resizing, rotating, and adding shadow to embellishments, as well as sending elements to the foreground or background. There is also the undo, redo, and delete options. When selecting an element to edit, it will be highlighted in yellow. Use one finger to move it on the page, two-finger pinch to resize it, and three fingers to rotate the embellishment. You can personalize your page even further by adding text in a variety of fonts and colors.

Some features I’d like to see in future builds would be:

  • Ability to view new kits in the gallery on any type of connection (currently viewable on only wifi)
  • Ability to reorder the pages in a scrapbook
  • Ability to combine pages indifferent scrapbooks

Overall, this app is a fabulous solution on how to organize and dress up your iPhone photos, or fill in that scrapbooking itch while on the road! It’s a lot of fun, especially when you’re on vacation. It only takes a few seconds to create a fun postcard to email or post! For more tips, tutorials, and information, see the official website or the App Store.


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Do You Wanna Date my Avatar Video

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If you’re a gamer, know of a gamer, play World of Warcraft, or a big Felicia Day fan, then you probably have already seen this amazing The Guild music video! The song was written by Felicia Day and Jed Whedon and I can’t seem to stop watching it!

I got my first glimpse of the video at Comic-Con 2009, and believe me, the crowd there went wild! The song and video were recently released to the public on Aug. 17th, 2009. And yes, I purchased them the minute they hit the iTune store. You can too!

If you’re interested in Felica Day’s work, check out, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, and her blog.

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Natali Del Conte on TV

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I was really happy to see Natali Del Conte on my tv last night. She was giving advice on computer security and the Conficker Worm. I think she should be on TV more often, what about you? ;)

IMG_5851 IMG_5853

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I’m Tweeting This!

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I'm Tweeting This

I originally bought the “I’m Tweeting This” tee from ThinkGeek to wear at Twestival LA. But when it got too cold, I put on a a TweetTee hoodie on. :) It’s quite comfy, so I thought I’d put it on today. Feeling a little sick and tired, but also quite geeky today.

*points to the bottom* I just installed the Disqus wordpress comment plugin today. Care to test it out for me? :)

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Message from GeekBrief.Tv

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Aww, there was a special message for me in GeekBrief.TV! So sweet. They took me to the beach with them! heh Thank you Cali & Neal!

GeekBrief On the Beach

The Guild

I just realized I never blogged about my favorite webisode! After seeing Mahalo Daily’s report on Comic-Con, I discovered an actress named Felicia Day who did a webisode series called The Guild.

I watched episode 10 one night and loved it. I ended up staying up the rest of the night to watch all 10 episodes! Totally loved it! The characters reminded me so much of my close friends!

The Guild is a independent sitcom webisode about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers by a gamer. Episodes vary from 3-6 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.

“The Guild” is the winner of the YouTube and Yahoo 2007 Video Awards for Best Web Series, as well as recipient of the SXSW/On Networks 2007 Greenlight Award for Best Series.

Here are all 10 episodes. Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as me!
Season 1 – Watch all 10 Webisodes!

Source: Watch the Guild | YouTube | Viddler

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I am a ChiXor!

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My coworkers and I usually wear our geeky attire every Friday. But I wore mine a day early since I have a meeting tomorrow. Me ChiXor and you sUxOrz! ;) j/k! teehee, it’s one of my favorite ThinkGeek shirts.

Chixor Chixor

Don’t bug me, I’m Twittering!

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More Gadgets = Bigger Purse Needed

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I think I need to buy a bigger purse. I carry way too many gadgets with me! :) There’s my smartphone, ipod classic, digital camera, and sometimes my ipod shuffle! heh If I didn’t mind the weight, I’d throw in my laptop and SLR too!

What do you think of this purse? :)

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Ever since I got my new iPod Video, I’ve been really addicted to iTunes. And on my many searches, I found this awesome PodShow called GeekBrief.TV I just love it. It’s a Video Podcast that delivers tech news. Cali Lewis is just great. Watch an episode, and you’ll see what I mean. :D

PHP Princess Apron

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The PHP-Princess Apron is available for sale. ;) Now you can cook like a PHP Princess. teehee!  Check out the other items that are available in the PHP-Princess Shop!


Girl Geeks

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Speaking of geeky girls stuff, I found this nice site called!

GirlGeeks is an online community for women and girls interested in technology and computing. GirlGeeks is provided by the Bay Area Video Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on new media education and training for underserved groups.

haha, I’m going to check out the site later. I’m very interested, but it’s too early in the morning right now.

Girlie Laptop Carrier

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Whenever I do get a new laptop, I want to get this bag. Isn’t it cute? And it’s only $27 at Target! Well… I think I better get a blue one if I ever need my boyfriend to help me carry it. haha Pink is a bit too girlie, but oh, so cute!

Baby Blue:

There’s also more nice girlie laptop bags at

X2 Stylebook – Laptop Designed for Women

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*chuckles* I’m such a girlie geek. This laptop actually looks attractive to me. Well, maybe the bag is more attractive than the laptop. I just love being color coordinated. ^_^ Oh, and I love purses and bags too!

Introducing X2’s StyleBooks, the first line of notebooks designed specifically for women. Coming in chic designs and a vibrant color palette of the latest Spring colors, the StyleBook represents a new take on how notebooks are designed. The SyleBooks are designed to not only be stylish but also powerful yet compact and portable. The first notebook in the series is the StyleBook 2000, a sub-4 pound notebook that sports a 12.1” Widescreen LCD Display and a powerful Intel processor. Unlike other notebooks its size, the StyleBook 2000 features a full-size keyboard that is surprisingly easy to type on. The SyleBook is also a functional road warrior with 802.11b+g Wi-Fi wireless networking built in. On the fashion side, the StyleBook comes in a range of colors with matching coordinated laptop bags that come in your choice of Microfiber, Faux Croc, Leather and Suade material to suit your style. These bags look nothing like traditional notebook bags and virtually hide the fact that you’re even carrying a notebook. Yet, each bag has a built-in protective compartment to store and protect your notebook. Despite its stylish looks, these bags are also very functional with lots of pockets and can also be used as a purse so you don’t need to carry around two bags.

Source: X2