Mac App Store is Open!

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The Mac App Store is now open for business! There’s currently over 1000 free and paid apps for you to choose from. Using your iTunes account, you can download and install great new apps in just one step!

The Mac App Store offers apps in Education, Games, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, Productivity, Utilities and many other categories. Similar to the iTunes Store, users can also browse new and noteworthy apps as we ll as staff favorites and top charts for each category.

The Mac App Store is available for Snow Leopard® users through Software Update as part of Mac OS® X v10.6.6.

For more information, see the official Mac App website.

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iPhone App Review: UC Map

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ucmapuc-map-iconStarting your first year of college? Feeling a little lost? Not to worry! There’s an app to help you find your way around campus! Logical Dimensions has developed a variety of iPhone applications that map out some of the popular college campuses.

The example app used in this review will be on the “UC Map” bundle. This app includes maps of all 10 campuses in the University of CA system. It’s perfect for college students, faculties, staff, or anyone who visits any of the UC campuses often. Also see the other campus map apps available.

The app was built with simplicity in mind. To use it, scroll and select the campus map you would like to see. Once you make your selection, click on “Buildings” at the bottom. Now, select the buildings you would like to find on the campus by tapping on them. Note, you may select more than one. Once you are done with your selection, tap on “Map” at the bottom. This will pull up Google Maps with pins on all the buildings you selected.

Tap on a pin and you will get options for “Walking Direction,” “Driving direction,” and “Public Transit.” Upon your selection, Google Maps app will open up, show your route, directions, and estimated time of arrival from your current location to the selected building. This will surely help you on your first week of classes. Note, the GPS coordination are not always exact, so be sure to use it only as a guidance.

To test out this app, you can download the UCD Map for free. All other individual campus map apps are 99 cents, and only the UC Map Bundle is $1.99 (but includes all 10 UC campuses).

See all of the Logical Dimension Apps here.

This article was originally published in iProng Magazine.

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iPhone Games Page

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Daynah's iPhone GamesI have to say, it’s a totally new gaming experience on the iPhone. With my iPod Touch (1st generation), I had to wear headphones to hear the sounds. But having the sound just play freely on the iPhone is pretty awesome. It makes making video reviews much more interesting as well!

The iPod Touch and iPhone have replaced my Nintendo DS Lite for some time now. You can’t blame me since iPhone games costs so much less than DS Lite ones! And after much finger flexing and icon dragging and dropping, my gaming page is organized on my iPhone. This is only the first page out of a few, but it’s the one I use the most! The only bad part about moving over to the iPhone is having to start over on all my games. At least this time, there’s sound. :) I hope there’s a way to save games in between devices in the future.

So, what are your favorite iPhone/iPod Touch games?

Tip: Always try out the LITE versions (if available) before buying games. You want to know that you’ll enjoy it before making a big purchase. Enjoy!

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iPhone Photography Apps

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iPhoneNow that I have an iPhone, I can actually use Photography iPhone apps! I’ve downloaded a few, but I thought I’d ask the experts. ;)

So I sent out a tweet asking for Photography iPhone suggestions and got some wonderful responses! Here they are in case you’re looking for Photography iPhone Apps too:

emilychang @daynah pano (love), camerabag, mobile fotos (to upload to flickr if u don’t want to use email), pixelpipe (cross-upload to services)

christyxcore @daynah photogene/photoforge for editing. Colorsplash, camerabag, photo fx..

NctrnlBst RT @daynah: Looking for good photography iPhone apps. Any suggestions? :) ~ Eye-Fro! Hours of fun for the entire family!

Fee501st @daynah I like CameraBag

colinrcampbell @daynah pano

johngarcia @daynah camera bag is pretty good!

jackiefreeman photogene is my fave!!

heyitskenn @daynah Flickit for uploading to flickr… Camerabag, nightcamera, and Pano.

Thanks so much for the tweets! I greatly appreciate them. :)

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Favorite Free iPhone Games

April 30, 2009 by  
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dizzybeeiPhone game apps are so much fun! I love playing a quick game while standing in line at the store or waiting for my food at a restaurant. I’ve stopped playing with my Nintendo DS ever since I got my iPod touch. Oops.

I really love the lite versions of games because of the “try and buy” factor. Here are a few iPhone games available in the iTunes store for free. Remember, if you enjoy it, consider purchasing the full versions!

Note: Clicking on the links below will take you to the iTunes store.

Puzzle Games

  • Rolando Lite – adorable puzzle role-playing game. Lots of levels for a free version.
  • Dizzy Bee Free – very adorable and one of my favorites.
  • Block Classic – always a classic!
  • Flood-It! – turn pixel boxes into one color in under 22 moves.

Match 3 Games

Role-Playing Games


These are some of my favorite free iPhone game apps. What are yours?

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Favorite iPhone Apps

April 21, 2009 by  
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A few days ago, I tweeted:

daynah: What are your favorite apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch? Name 3-5 and @daynah me. Thanks! :)

I wanted to find out what were your top iPhone/iPod Touch apps. If you don’t count Mail and Safari, my top 5 favorite iPhone/iPod Touch apps are Twitterfon, Brightkite, Dizzy Bee 2, Chop Sushi, and iHeartRadio. Ok, I’m sneaking one more in — Facebook because it makes poking people easy! Ha!

Thank you for all the great responses! I really appreciate it. I was gathering data for the next issue of iProng Magazine. Check out tomorrow’s issue for the top 100 iPhone Apps. Here are the responses I got:

pzomb: @daynah NIN:Access, Tweetie and Tap Tap Revolution 2

cloud79: @daynah Daylite, FlightControl, TapDial, Birdhouse, fourquare, Analytics

ctmagnus: @daynah Tweetie, Facebook, Evernote, Remember The Milk, NightCamera

claycarnill: @daynah tweetie, idracula, Tumblr, google, and scoops.

bilalnaseer: @daynah My 5 Fav. #iPhone #Applications are: ‘Pandora’, ‘USA Today’, ‘Beejive IM’, ‘Kindle’ & ‘Things’. Yours?

NctrnlBst: @daynah twitterfon, shazam, BrightKite, showtimes, remote.

Trakix: @daynah Twitterfon, FlightControl, Facebook, Leaf Trombone, Air Mouse

phraktyl: @daynah Scrabble and Tweetie are the two I use most. I’d use location-based apps, but iPod Touch doesn’t have GSP. :(

mia_sarx: @daynah evernote, chess with friends, to do list, stanza

jobber99: @daynah paid: scrabble, Oregon trail

jobber99: @daynah free: twitterfon, facebook, midomi

jobber99: @daynah jailbroken: cydia, cycorder, winterboard

allanxpress: @daynah twitterfon. cubes lits. tap tap. tap defense. knots. enigmo. cube runner. dactyl. ahh so many lol

delta224: @daynah Tweetie, Facebook, Kanji Flip, Safari and Mail. ;D

loumacuser: @daynah linkedin. Twettie. Bloomburg

spamboy: @daynah iPhone apps: TwitterFon, Remember the Milk, RepairPal

core: @daynah: My favorite iPhone apps: #tweetie, #tumblr, #byline, #zenbe, #cambio, #inquisitor

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iPhone App Review: Rock’n’Roll

October 15, 2008 by  
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Rock'n'Roll iPhone App
Name: Rock’n’Roll
Written By: Tag Games Limited
Category: Games
Price: FREE (time-limited, ends Oct 16th, at midnight PST)
Size: 16.3 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch

Rock’n’Roll takes a bit of getting use to, but it’s fun nevertheless. Your character stays in the middle of the screen. But the world around you moves. You can control the movement using the movement if the iPhone or by touch. I highly recommend doing the Quest before attempting the Arcade mode. I was able to go through 3 levels in Quest mode, but couldn’t pass through the first level of Arcade. The music in this game is pretty cute too.

Download it and let me know if you enjoy it. It’s a different kind of game. (iTunes Link)

Rock'n'Roll iPhone App Rock'n'Roll iPhone App Rock'n'Roll iPhone App Rock'n'Roll iPhone App Rock'n'Roll iPhone App

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