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Relive your childhood with the new Etch A Sketch iPad Case by Headcase! Inspired by the original Etch A Sketch from Ohio Art, this favorite toy can be brought back to life by your iPad!

The case comes in two parts — the top red piece and the bottom closing piece. When you first receive the iPad case, you’ll need to open the enclosing. To do this, use a coin, slide and twist to loosen the two pieces apart. You’ll need to do this twice in the two slots at the bottom of the case.

Once you you take the two pieces apart, you’ll see that the top piece is made of a hard and sturdy red plastic, with the same familiar design of the classic Etch A Sketch. The top part of the case has all the cutouts for the buttons and ports of the iPad. If you’re holding it in landscape the mode, the top part also has “Magic Etch A Sketch(R) Screen” written in big gold letters. At the bottom are the two pseudo white knobs (used for drawing up/down and left/right on the original Etch A Sketch).

The bottom piece is made of the same sturdy plastic, except in black. It also has the familiar big X running through the back of the case. However, there’s a big circle cutout in the middle that showcases the beautiful Apple logo. There are also two flip-out tabs that act as a stand for the iPad (in landscape mode).

To put your iPad in the case, gently lay it on top of the bottom piece, and snap the top red piece on. Work you way around the case and make sure each edge is snapped in tightly.

As beautiful as this case is, there are a few flaws. The biggest one is the cutout on the back that showcases the Apple logo. It’s not protected, so there is possibility of it being scratched on the back. I would have liked to see a hard clear plastic covering the back. Another minor issue is that the cutout for the Home button is a bit small. I often find myself using my nails to click on the button — this may be a problem if you don’t have nails. This goes the same for the volume and notification buttons. Also, if you hold the iPad case in portrait mode, you’ll notice that the gold lettering may start to wear off, so be careful touching that area as well. Although there are a few minor flaws, anyone who owned an Etch-A-Sketch will be able to look pass them and enjoy this amazing reminder of their childhood!

Overall, this is a great iPad case if you want to make your iPad look even more awesome. It’s a great conversation starter, and a great reminder of a classic toy. If you’re looking for something special for your geek for the holidays, this case will surely put a smile on their face!

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars · Headcase · Purchase for $39.00

Disclosure: This product was a birthday gift from my relatives. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write a review to be part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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