Facebook Timeline Enabled!

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Facebook announced their new Timeline earlier this morning and it looks beautiful! It’s definitely a new way of expressing yourself. Profile pages will now have some more personality! The feature won’t be available for everyone until later this month, but if you’re too anxious to try it out, follow these steps on TechCrunch to turn on your Timeline profile.

If you already have a developer account, you can skip steps 4 and 5. Instead, go into one of your apps and head straight to “Get started with Open Graph” section. Enjoy!

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Social Networks: How to Integrate Them

October 30, 2009 by  
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This blog post is in response to a question someone at a University asked me:

Question: I have set-up/configured our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog this week. We are in the process of posting content to each, but I was hoping you could go over a few things with me. Mainly, how to integrate the 3 so that we don’t have to constantly update all 3 sites? And also, based on your experience, are there any general settings in each dealing with user interactivity that we should enable/disable?

Answer: I would first start with integrating Twitter into Facebook, instead of the other way around. The reason is because I think students are more familiar with the Facebook interface than Twitter.

How to make your Facebook posts go to Twitter

  1. In a browser, log into Twitter.
  2. In another tab in the browser, go to Facebook.com/Twitter. You will see your Facebook page and a button that says “Link to Twitter.”
  3. Click on the “Link to Twitter” button
  4. It’ll take you back to Twitter, prompting “An application would like to connect to your account.”
  5. Click on “Allow.”

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Facebook Privacy Settings

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Before you start adding too much data into your Facebook profile, you may want to change your privacy settings to allow only certain groups of people to view your content. This is a good idea if you have friends, family, and business contacts in your Facebook account.

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New Facebook Design

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New Facebook Design

Facebook changed their design again and I really like it. The main focal point is now the status update, which does remind me of Twitter. I believe this new change will help create more conversations though. Having the groups on the left is very nice. Now I can separate status updates by groups which is one thing that twitter is missing.

There’s a lot of data on the right side that it seems a bit cluttered. But it doesn’t bother me too much. I like to glance at it to see what’s new. I would prefer the “pokes” to be moved up though. They seem lost being so far at the bottom.

So I’ve played with Facebook user profiles, events, and groups. But I haven’t played with the Facebook pages option yet. So I decided to create a Fan page to test it out. It’s close to a user profile except it’s missing a lot of options like adding other apps/boxes. I can’t seem to find the “add a link” option anymore either. I do like the
Discussions option! It’s a great place if you want to ask me tech questions and such. And this social network seems to be more manageable than a Ning website. So if you’d like to interact with me, please add me here on facebook. Thanks!

Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook Improvements

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I really like Facebook’s new Hint popups. They’re the little yellow boxes all around the web interface. I know a lot of my friends had trouble getting use to the Facebook layout, so I hope these help!

And I do love how the Applications Menu moved down to the lower left. Reminds me of Windows, and apps are much easier to get to. You can rearrange them by clicking on the icons and drag-and-drop, just like the Windows Toolbar!

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New Facebook Profile

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Here’s a preview of Facebook’s new profile look. It’s going to take a lot of getting use to, but I do love the tabs on top! Good use of Ajax divs.

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Facebook Chat

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I just logged into Facebook, and saw this at the bottom of my browser. I guess Facebook Chat has been released. It looks great so far. I’ll have to test it out a little bit later (when my friends are actually awake!)

Here’s a video from TechCrunch with more info:
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