Packing for Comic-Con

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Packing for Comic-Con

I’m just packing for Comic-Con right now… I guess you know what booths and sessions I’m attending. :)

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iPhone + iPad App Review: Glee

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Smule has done it again with another hit musical app! They teamed up with Fox and made the lovely Glee app — a must-have app for every Gleek! Get your Gleek on and have fun singing with your favorite Glee cast members and friends!

Glee is a universal app (works with iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads) that allows you to sing your favorite Glee songs with real-time harmonies and pitch correction. The four main features of the app are: Listen, Join, Sing, and Share.

Listen. As your fellow gleeks broadcast their songs, you’re able to listen to the amazing talents around the world. This is a signature feature in most Smule apps.

Join. Want to do a duet with a friend? “Join” in on a song you hear and add your voice to it! You can also create a club by adding Smule friends as singers to your songs or by joining a song on the Glee Globe.

There’s also song requests from the Gleeks inviting you to sing with them! You can sing with Rachel Berry or Finn Hudson. They’ll sing one part, and you’ll sing the other. When the song is done, it’ll be uploaded automatically to the server.

Sing. The main part of the app is definitely singing! Three songs are available when your purchase the app: Rehab, Keep Me Hanging On, and Somebody to Love. New songs are added every week and costs $0.99 each. To purchase a new song, simply click on it and confirm. The song and lyrics will download afterward.

Sing loudly and clearly into the mic of your device. If you are using an iPad, the mic is located on the top, next to the headphone jack. I recommend using your iPhone headset since the mic would be closer to your mouth and the background noise will be canceled out.

Simply pick a song and hit “start” for the recording to begin. While recording, you have the option to toggle on/off the pitch correction and the harmonies. Make your selections and sing your heart out! You can save or discard the recording at anytime. If you finish the whole song, it will automatically save into your library.

In the latest version of the app, you can also sing songs from your iTunes library. Select a song from your collection and start recording. For the best experience, I suggest selecting a karaoke version of the song or one you can sing a duet with. Keep in mind, iTunes song will not be broadcast or shared due to licensing restrictions.

Share. When you’re done recording, your files are saved in the “Share” box. There are three options on how you can share your song — share, broadcast, and add singers. No matter which option you pick, they all will upload your song to the server, so you’ll need to be connected to the internet.

  • Share will allow you to email, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace your link.
  • Broadcast will upload it to the server and add you to the musical globe.
  • Add singers will share your song with another Smule member so they can add their voice to it.

Here are some tips on how to make the Glee app experience more enjoyable:

Before you start using the app, turn off all notifications on your device. That way, you won’t get interrupted while recording a song.

Also, if you’re using pitch correction, be sure to sing on the same note. If you vary from high to low notes, it may sound a bit strange when the app tries to correct it. You may want to practice with pitch on and off to see which sounds better.

Lastly, when you’re listening to others sing, keep in mind some songs will sound better than others. I suggest selecting “Top Performances” from the top menu to hear the cream of the crop. These performances usually have a lot of Gleek followers.

This app is designed to be played in portrait mode on either the iPhone or iPad. It’s nicely designed and every page in the app displays a colorful photo of your favorite glee character. Overall, the app is worth the 99 cents, but believe me, if you’re a true Gleek, you’ll find yourself spending a lot more on in-app purchases! New songs are added every week so check back frequently.

The Glee app is currently on sale today for just 99 cents (originally $2.99). You can purchase it in the iTunes app store.

For more information, see their official website.

Video Demo

Just watch Nick, a Smule employee, demonstrate the app. It’s just all in a night’s work at the Smule headquarters!

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Get Glee on your iPhone and iPad!

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To my fellow Gleeks,

You can now sing your heart out with your favorite Glee cast member right on your iPhone or iPad! Smule has done it again, making another hit app that topped the charts right on launch day!

Can’t sing? Not to worry! With the new Smule technology in the app, your voice will be enhanced and the pitch will be corrected as you are singing! The app will also harmonize your voice in real-time, creating a second, third, and even fourth voice!

Just watch Nick, a Smule employee, demonstrate the app. It’s just all in a night’s work at the Smule headquarters!

The Glee app is currently on sale today for just 99 cents today (originally $2.99). It comes with 3 songs and other songs are in-app purchases for 99 cents each. You can purchase it in the iTunes app store.

For more information, see their official website.

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