Create Surveys using Google Docs

I just learned how to create simple forms in Google Docs & Spreadsheets today.

First, go here to create you own Survey form. Start typing in the title, description, and adding your questions. This step is very intuitive and easy to use. Creating forms have never been this fun!

Next, click on “Next, choose recipients.” You can send the survey to specific people using the “Invite People” box. Or you can put the “Go to live form” link on your website.

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Google Docs Presentation

April 27, 2008 by  
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It’s been a while since I’ve used Google Docs, but after reading this article on, I had to log in and see for myself.

The last time I logged in, only Documents and Spreadsheets were available. So I was really happy to see Presentation, which is Google’s version of Microsoft Office Powerpoint. You can insert new slides, add images, video, text, and even change the theme, just like MS Powerpoint!

But unlike MS Powerpoint, you can have several people edit the file at the same time! You can probably do this in MS Sharepoint, but Google Docs is so much easier.

Here’s my test in Google Presentation:
Here is google\'s version of MS Powerpoint.

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