iPad Bag Review: NewerTech iFolio

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You know those briefcases that business people carry with them to the office? Now there’s one made specifically for the iPad. It’s called the iFolio from NewerTech. It’s handcrafted here in the US from imported premium Brazilian leather. This little luxury item is a perfect fit for the business types.

The iFolio can be used in two ways. You can use the shoulder strap and wear it on one side. This is nice if you need to keep your hands free. The bag hangs right next to your side and feels very sturdy and lightweight. You can also remove the shoulder strap and convert it into a handheld case by holding the strap on its spine. I find the latter way to be convenient when you take your iPad to a meeting. It just gives the professional touch.

The case is held together with a zipper. Unzipping it will reveal a very business-like setup. To the left are compartments for various things. One compartment is for papers or a small notepad and there are also two credit card/identification/business card slots. In the center is a loop for a pen. I think this is the perfect place for an iPad stylist! On the right side is where you iPad would go.

The iPad is held together by four flexible leather straps. Putting your iPad in may be a little tricky at first, but is easy once you get the hang of it. Be sure to put the iPad into the top straps first. These ones are more fixed. Then put the lower right strap on next, and then the lower left strap. The lower left strap is wider, so it’s more flexible to reach the edge of the iPad. The one thing I noticed is that these four straps aren’t symmetrical or evenly sewn on the case. Also, the fourth strap is much wider than the other three. This was a bit odd, but they did their job well, which was holding the iPad firmly in place.

Once the iPad and your belongings are in place, just zip and go. I think this folio is more of a carrying case for the iPad and is not meant to be used on a desk. Typing from your lap is fine, but putting the case with the iPad on a table may not be the best way to use it. The cushions of the case get in the way. Fortunately, the leather straps can be stretched to hold the iPad along with a NewerTech NuGuard case in it for less formal use.

If you do not have many things to take with you, this is a very beautiful case to carry your iPad in. But if you’re like me and like to carry your keys, wallet, and phone with you, you may want to carry a smaller second bag.

Overall, the iFolio gives off a professional look and feel to those you rare carrying it. It’s classic design will attract business men and women alike. Although it may be beautiful and luxurious, there are some downsides including the uneven straps holding the iPad, lack of extra space and storage, and the high price to pay. The case does come with a lifetime warranty, which is very assuring.

The iFolio is available in a big assortment of colors — black, red, cream, dark red, yellow, orange, lite green, dark green, blue, cognac, and tan. The price range from $129.99 – $179.99 depending on the color. You can purchase it at NewerTech.com.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars · $129.99 – $179.99 · NewerTech.com

Disclosure: This product was a 2-month review unit sent by NewerTech for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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iPad Bag Review: Kensington Sling Bag

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If you want a bag to carry your iPad without the excess bulk, consider the Kensington Sling Bag. Small yet roomy, this bag is heavily padded, keeping your iPad (or netbook) safe and sound.

The bag has a main dual zipper compartment. Within this compartment are three sections. The first being the heavily padded side which is for the iPad (or netbook up to 10.2″). On the top is a Velcro strap that holds your device in place. The second section is where you can put all of your other various necessities. This section is big enough to fit another iPad or netbook (but I wouldn’t suggest it because of the weight). And the third section is a small zipper pouch to put smaller things.

There is also has a zipper compartment in front. On the inside of this compartment, there’s a small Velcro pocket that fits an iPhone (or mobile device) perfectly. The other side is deeper — perfect for your keys, wallet, makeup, or other little things.

Since this is a sling bag (one strap for carrying), you can slide the bag from your back to the front very easily. This makes it convenient when you need to pull out your devices, or get something quickly from your bag. The adjustable Velcro strap allows you to wear the bag comfortably, no matter how tall or short you are.

One drawback on the bag is, the more items you carry in it (the more weight), the more the strap will pull across your chest. This may not be a big deal, but it does get uncomfortable if you’re a woman. So it’s best to keep the bag to lightweight items.

Another thing that would make the bag more comfortable to wear is a padded shoulder strap. If you put your iPad in it, I would recommend not carrying this bag for more than an hour. The way the bag is designed, it could only be worn on your left shoulder. So the weight may be bothersome after a period of time.

Overall, the Kensington Sling Bag is great choice if you want to carry your iPad, iPhone, and a few things around. The size of the bag makes it really convenient to take anywhere. And you really can’t beat the price of under $20!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars · $19.99 · Kensington.com

Disclosure: This product was sent by Kensington for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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iPad Bag Review: Cocoon Innovations Harlem Sling

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Every geek has gadgets. Finding ways to carrying them around may sometimes be a hassle. But there’s a great solution. Meet the Cocoon Innovation Harlem Sling bag. It’s slim and lightweight, yet can fit most of your gadgets and personal belongings. As an added bonus, it’ll keep them organized as well.

There are three main zipper compartments in this bag. The largest is the back pocket that allows you to slip your iPad/netbook in easily. It’s large enough to hold your iPad with the thickest case out there, or a 10″ netbook. It’s lightly padded on the back so both you and your device are comfortable when you’re traveling.

On the front of the bag is a small media zipper pocket. This can fit an iPhone or media player in it. Next to the pocket is a small hole that you can thread your headphones though, which makes listening to music very convenient.

The third zipper compartment is large enough for the rest of your things. There’s a built-in divider where you store and separate your credit cards, pens, and little items. In addition to all the great space, this bag also comes with a Cocoon Innovation’s unique GRID-IT!TM system. It’s their signature organization system made of rubberized woven elastic. This piece allows you to further organize your personal belongings into a neat little grid. Attach your headset, gadgets, second phone, cables, wires, chapstick, ID cards, markers, gum, mints, lotion bottle, shampoo, and more. The system is designed to hold your belongings firmly in place.

This bag is held together with an adjustable cross-body strap which reminds me of a seatbelt. The strap doesn’t have extra padding on it, but it does feels very comfortable on the body even after a long period of time. The weight in the bag is distributed evenly, so you don’t feel to heavy on any one side.

Overall, the bag is designed very nicely. Not only does it keep your iPad or netbook safe, you can carry all of your other important things in it as well. Simply slide the bag to your side and your belongings are conveniently within reach. Although the bag is small, this doesn’t compromise its ability to organized and quite functional. That’s what makes this bag stand out.

The only improvement I can suggest for this bag is the addition of some extra padding on the strap. But other than that, I feel this bag is perfect for geeks on the go.

The Cocoon Innovation Harlem Sling is available in three colors — Black, Gun Gray, and Racing Red. Considering that the GRID-IT!TM system alone will cost you about $10, the price for this bag is really good. You can purchase it for $54.99 at Cocoon Innovations. Rated 5 our of 5 stars.

Disclosure: This product was sent by Cocoon Innovations for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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iPad Bag Review: Urban Tool PocketBar

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The one thing I noticed about most iPad bags and sleeves is the extra padding you carry with you. Of course you want your iPad to be safe and nicely cushioned, but let’s face it, we can all walk around without having to carry a huge bag. Enter the Urban Tool Pocketbar – a pretty hip bag without the unnecessary bulk! It’s a great compromise between protection and fashion.

The pocketbar was specifically designed for geeks on the go. As you know, the iPad is not the only gadget geeks are carrying with them at any one time. We got our cameras, our iPhones, sd cards, and don’t forget the keys and wallet! The PocketBar solves this problem by making pockets for all of our necessities and putting it in a nice and organized way.

The bag comes with one main zipper pocket where you can safely slip your iPad (or a small netbook) into. There’s enough wiggle-room in this pocket to fit an iPad with a hard-shell case on. This is convenient because you want protection on your iPad when you do take it out to use as well. The interior is soft, however, it may be thinner than most iPad sleeves and bags. If you’re worried about the iPad, you may want to put your iPad in a case with a front side protection as well.

On the front of bag are four individual pockets, all of various sizes, which are perfect for your digital camera, cellphone, and other gadgets. The top pocket has a key yo-yo that you can hang your keys on. When you need to use your keys, simply pull and use. No need to take your keys off. I do recommend only hanging a few keys on it so it’s not too heavy that it’ll pull down on the yo-yo. Each of these four pockets have flaps over them to keep any rain or water out. The flaps for the pockets are deep enough that things won’t fall out of it, yet easy enough for you to get your digital camera out when you need to take a quick photo. The exterior of the front side is also made of a waterproof material that reminds me of a diver’s wetsuit.

Between the top pockets is a loop where you can insert a pen into. This makes it very handy and convenient when you need to sign your autograph! Between the bottom pockets is where a carabiner is inserted. You can use this to put more keys or even hang your usb keys there.

The backside of the bag has secret zipper pocket that’s perfect for putting your wallet and other odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere on the front size.

You don’t just carry this bag, you wear it! The strap is adjustable, so you can have the bag hang low on your body, or wear it high and use the included body strap to wrap it around your waist. I recommend removing the body strap because it’s easier to put the bag on and off. Whether you’re tall or short, this bag can be fitted to your needs.

Under normal circumstances, the bag is the perfect protection for carrying around your iPad. It’s close enough to your body where you don’t need the heavy padding, but I don’t suggest throwing the bag around like you would with a purse or backpack.

The Urban Tool PocketBar is unisex and is available in 3 colors — Black, Denim Titanium, and Blue Jeans. You may purchase it at UrbanTool.com for $99.90 USD.

Disclosure: This product was sent by Urban Tool for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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