Nokia E71

June 15, 2008 by  
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I’ve been asking for a Nokia with a QWERTY keyboard… and they came out with one!! Here’s a video review of the Nokia E71 from Engadget.

Source: Engadget

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Qik Expands on Windows Mobile

June 6, 2008 by  
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I really enjoyed using my Nokia N95 trial phone. After sending it back, the feature I missed the most was the camera and being able to use Qik. Relearning how to use my T-mobile Shadow was hard, even though it had significantly less features than the Nokia N95.

But just my luck, TechCrunch announced today that Qik is expanding to Windows Mobile Platform! I don’t know if it’ll work on my phone, but it would be very nice to see my friends start using Qik!

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Nokia N95 8GB

April 30, 2008 by  
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I got a lovely surprise today! My Nokia N95 8GB arrived this morning. I wasn’t even expecting it to arrive until next month. And I can’t seem to get the smile off my face today!

So here’s the cute little thing.

I’ve always liked Nokia phones, ever since I got my first one. It seems to be the only one where the battery lasts at least 3 days without charging. I have had other phones whose batteries stop working after a few hours! I changed phones a few months ago and was disappointed that Nokia Smartphones weren’t available with my carrier.
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Qik Questions

April 23, 2008 by  
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I’ve been very interested in video and real-time streaming media lately. And I forgot to mention that I asked Cali a few questions about Qik a while ago. She was so nice and responded so quickly.

I asked:

Is there any way to comment on the Qik website without having a camera/phone with Qik capabilities? I tried to sign up, but it wants to send the application to my phone. Also, how do Qik & Qik Devices work? Do you have to buy a data plan that’s separate from your iphone?

and this was her response.

Thanks Cali for clearing up my Qik questions for me!

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