FixPix Comes to the iPhone!

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eBoy’s FixPix is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch! It uses a combination of beautiful artwork, puzzle solving skills, 3d effects, and the phone’s accelerometer to create a one-of-a-kind game that keep your mind boggled.

Tilt the phone to align the artwork correctly to move onto the next level. There are 100 individual levels total; many with 3f effects. Some are layered compositions or slice madness! Be sure to check out this very unique game.

You can now purchase Fix Pix for $1.99 USD in the iTunes app store. For more information, see their official website at

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iPhone App Review: Puzzlings

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Name: Puzzlings (iTunes Link)
Written By: Bight Games
Category: Games
Price: FREE
Size: 23.7 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch
Version: 1.1
Rate: 4.5 Stars

Welcome to Wardrobia, a beautiful and whimsical world where little puzzlings play! Explore each land and unlock new pieces of clothing for your little Puzzling.

Puzzling is a match-3 game, and although they’re quite common in the iTunes App store, this little gem proves to be a very unique one. Not only are the graphics and animations fun and colorful, the game gives a twist to the match 3 games.

The game starts out in your little Puzzling’s home. There, you’ll see its camera, computer, toys, closet, and door. Each part has a different meaning. The closet is where your puzzling can change his/her outfit. There are 8 different boxes in the closet where it can change the look of its face, nose, smile, head gear, body, accessories, shirts, and pants. The colors for these items can be changed also. The camera allows your puzzling to stand in front of background so you can take its photo. Tap on the puzzling and it’ll change posing position. The computer is where all the high scores, speed bonus, completion stats, and block stats are kept. The wall of toys is just little something to decorate the room. Click on them to see a closer view. And the magical door is the one that takes you to Wardrobia. And this is where the game begins.

The object of the game is to unlock items in each level. Swap pieces by dragging them. You can also draw out a square to rotate the colored pieces instead. Make as many matches and chains (2 matches or more) as you can to fill up the top bar. Once it’s filled, four pieces of a circle will appear on the game board. Move the pieces around to match up the circle to unlock an item. You can either put it on the Puzzling then, or put it away to wear later. Complete the level by matching two circles. If you do this quickly, a bonus item can also be unlocked.

There is a total of 5 stages in each of the 8 lands of Wardrobia:

  • 3 Match stages when you need to complete 2 circles.
  • 1 Challenge Stage where you need to complete 4 circles.
  • 1 Puzzle Stage where you have a set number of moves to clear the entire screen. This stage is denoted by a small moving house.

There is also one more icon in each land that’s denoted by a little sign. Clicking on it displays all the items you unlocked in the particular land, as well as how many still need to be unlocked.

Overall, the graphics are simply adorable. The bright colors, shapes, and fun animation adds an adorable touch to the gameplay. The game is quick to learn and you’ll find yourself playing it again and again. So, have you dressed up your little Puzzling today? Puzzling is available in the iTunes app store for free!

Official Game Trailer

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iPhone App Review: Flipside

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FlipsideName: Flipside (iTunes)
Written By: Igloo Games
Category: Games
Price: $2.99

Size: 8.9 MB
Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch
Version: 1.1.1
Rate: 5 out of 5 Stars

FlipsideLooking for some super puzzle fun? Try FlipSide! FlipSide is a challenging and fast-moving puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Imagine if Tetris was crossed with match 3, with better colors, sounds, and graphics and you got FlipSide.

Matching pieces fall with a symbol on each side — near side (your side) and far side (you opponent’s side). The object of the game is to create at least 3 matches on your side. You have the option of flipping the pieces over by tapping on them. You can also drag falling pieces over to different columns. Match pieces horizontally or vertically to get points!

The best part about this puzzle game is the various modes you can play in. Modes include Tutorial, Survival, Puzzle, Vs. com, and peer-to-peer (bluetooth).

There is a small learning curve for this game, but the tutorial mode gets you started quickly. It’s simple to follow and explains the game quite easily. I personally would play the tutorial mode a few times before jumping into the other modes.

In Survival Mode, you can play until the screen is filled up with pieces. There are over 20 stages in both Normal and Expert mode.

In Puzzle Mode, the object is to flip or move the pieces so they all disappear (without the addition of new pieces). This mode requires the most amount of thinking and isn’t timed. There are 20 stages in both Easy and Medium modes.

In Verses mode, you play against other players (the computer) and both sides is able to flip pieces to match what’s on their side. There are 5 other players — each one with their own characteristics and strategies. Each player also has 5 different levels to complete. The higher the level, the faster the pieces fall and the more competitive the player gets! Win two games at each level to move onto the next challenge.

You can also Play with a friend using bluetooth! This is similar to the Verses Mode, except it’s against a friend. You’ll see pieces they flip over and move around, and they see your moves as well.

The graphics are beautifully done and the sounds are just hilarious. I also enjoy how Igloo Software incorporates graphics from their previous games into the next.

This game is great for your brain muscles. You have to think fast and plan a strategy. And best of all, it’s highly addictive.

So how big of a match can you get? The bigger the match, the more points you’ll get! Flipside is available in the iTunes app store for just $2.99.

Note: This app review was recently published in iProng Magazine and Flipside has won iProng’s Best Puzzle App of 2009 Award!

FlipSide Video Trailer

iProng Best Puzzle App of 2009 Award

iProng Best Apps of 2009 Awards

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