Pinterest – A Place to Pin all of your Interests!

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Ever wanted a way to catalog your favorite things? Whether it be books, movies, inspirational pieces, fashion, or your precious hobbies, Pinterest may just be what you’re looking for! Catalog all the things you love in a beautiful and visual way.

You’ll love this new site call Pinterest! Read more about it on WebBeat.TV

Follow me on Pinterest.

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Twestival Local LA

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What is Twestival?
A Twestival or Twitter-Festival is a global series of events organized by volunteers around the world under short timescales, which bring people offline for a great cause. Twestival is run 100% by volunteers and independently from any not-for-profit; although the organizing teams do work closely to outline an achievable and measurable fundraising target. Twestival also sets out to identify key skills of volunteers and match these with the needs of the cause; particularly communications strategy, tech integration and social media training. Twestival Local takes place in cities around the world during September 10-15, 2009.

Twestival LA
Last February, Twestival LA raised close to $20,000 for charity:water in just one night and two weeks of planning! It was a night of music, comedy, fun, and meeting new friends, while raising money to help bring clean water to those who need it.

Twestival Local LA – Sunday, 9/13 at 6pm at Level 3 at Hollywood & Highland

Now we’re back, raising money and supporting two of our local organizations — CHRYSALIS and the LA Food Bank. And I’d like to invite you to our charity event!

What: Twestival Local LA

Where: Level 3 at Hollywood & Highland – 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (Map)

When: Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2009, 6:00pm – 12am

Cost: $20, $50, $100 donations

Website: LA

LA Twestival Website Of course, our event will have to be LA-style! Fox LA’s Good Day LA reporter, Suzanne Marques, will be hosting Twestival LA event! There will also be live musical performances by Dr. Hollywood, The Truth, and Terrakroma as well as comedy show by Ben Gleib, Ben Morrison, Tom Womack, and Josh Wade! And if you enjoy video games, check out the GirlGamer Lounge. And don’t miss out on the amazing raffle prizes and silent auction! Some of the amazing things that will be raffled/auctioned off are Poken, original artwork by Natasha Wescoat, Fatburger, Wildcard T-Shirts, Singelringen, Gift Bags from MegsMakeup, Vonster Books, Yoga Gals, Piknic, and many more surprises! Be sure to check back at for up-to-date details!


Our Causes:

  • CHRYSALIS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals become self-sufficient through employment opportunities. It currently helps more than 2,000 individuals a year change their lives through jobs.
  • LA Regional Foodbank’s mission is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our LA Community. Each dollar received by the food bank can actually provide four complete meals to those in need.

Chrysalis LA Food Bank

What is Twestival Local?

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Facebook Privacy Settings

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Before you start adding too much data into your Facebook profile, you may want to change your privacy settings to allow only certain groups of people to view your content. This is a good idea if you have friends, family, and business contacts in your Facebook account.

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gdgt Launched!

gdgt-logoThere’s one thing that you need to know about me if you don’t already — I LOVE GADGETS. I’m a total gadget geek and I’m sure a lot of you are as well. I had two friends call me “Mary Poppins” recently because I was pulling all sorts of random gadgets out of my purse. I’ll take it as a compliment since she’s quite a lovely lady. :)

So what can make me more happier than having a new shiny toy to play with? Joining a social network built around a community of shiny gadgets of course! I joined gdgt today and absolutely love the concept and community. The website is run by Ryan Block and Peter Rojas — two amazing gadget gurus, along with with the rest of the gdgt team!

So how does it work? My friend Veronica will tell you how!

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New Facebook Design

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New Facebook Design

Facebook changed their design again and I really like it. The main focal point is now the status update, which does remind me of Twitter. I believe this new change will help create more conversations though. Having the groups on the left is very nice. Now I can separate status updates by groups which is one thing that twitter is missing.

There’s a lot of data on the right side that it seems a bit cluttered. But it doesn’t bother me too much. I like to glance at it to see what’s new. I would prefer the “pokes” to be moved up though. They seem lost being so far at the bottom.

So I’ve played with Facebook user profiles, events, and groups. But I haven’t played with the Facebook pages option yet. So I decided to create a Fan page to test it out. It’s close to a user profile except it’s missing a lot of options like adding other apps/boxes. I can’t seem to find the “add a link” option anymore either. I do like the
Discussions option! It’s a great place if you want to ask me tech questions and such. And this social network seems to be more manageable than a Ning website. So if you’d like to interact with me, please add me here on facebook. Thanks!

Facebook Fan Page

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Flickr’s New Layout

September 17, 2008 by  
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I logged into Flickr and saw that they’ve been working on a new layout. I activated it and I do love it. It looks like they moved the photos to the left, but also added an option to show/hide that group of photos. I like how the change is subtle.. doesn’t require learning a new interface. ;)

Flickr 2008 Layout

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Geeks Profile

September 10, 2008 by  
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Thanks to Chris Pirillo, I’m totally addicted to Geeks! It’s a Ning social network just for, who else, but geeks! There are just so many interesting people on the site. Love it!

I really love the “Groups” section. You can search for various groups and find people with the same interests! I started a group for my favorite webisode called The Guild! If you enjoy the show, be sure to join my group!

My other favorite groups are Geek Girls, Fanclub, and a few more. Come to the dark side and find out. ;)

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Facebook Improvements

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I really like Facebook’s new Hint popups. They’re the little yellow boxes all around the web interface. I know a lot of my friends had trouble getting use to the Facebook layout, so I hope these help!

And I do love how the Applications Menu moved down to the lower left. Reminds me of Windows, and apps are much easier to get to. You can rearrange them by clicking on the icons and drag-and-drop, just like the Windows Toolbar!

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Embed Photos on FriendFeed

August 2, 2008 by  
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How to share anything on the web from Dan Hsiao on Vimeo.

I just learned how to embed photos on your FriendFeed posts! The more I learn about FriendFeed, the more I’m addicted to it. :)

Step 1: Login and set up the bookmarklet. (There are different instructions for different browsers.)

Step 2: When you are on a webpage you like to share, click on the bookmarklet. As you are adding a comment, you can hover over images on your webpage to include it on your post. You can include up to 3 images.

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New Facebook Profile

July 14, 2008 by  
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Here’s a preview of Facebook’s new profile look. It’s going to take a lot of getting use to, but I do love the tabs on top! Good use of Ajax divs.

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Linking on Plurk

June 23, 2008 by  
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A lot of people have asked me how to link text on Plurk.  It’s kind of hard to show you how to on Plurk itself, so I thought writing a post about it would be more helpful. ;)

In the above image, you can see that all you have to do is type your link first, and then put the words you want it to link to in parentheses.

I found this out by accident while typing something.. and have been using this trick ever since.  Now you can too. ;)  Enjoy your Plurk Tip of the day!

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Google Friend Connect

May 12, 2008 by  
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I’m currently learning about Google Friend Connect. It looks like an amazing way of adding social networking to any website with little effort.

Watch Scobleizer’s video from Google Campfire One.

I love how you can log into AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc. to connect to the websites. No need to create another login!

The website is going to live tonight, but invite only. If or when I get an invite, I’ll write more about it. ;)

Sign up for the preview: Google Friend Connect

Sources: TechCrunch, Scobleizer’s Qik Videos, and Google News

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Mento is for sharing links with Friends

May 9, 2008 by  
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I’ve been using for a day now and I love it. It’s a great way of sharing bookmarks. Kind of like but with a nice social networking aspect.

What is Mento?

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