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Reporting for CESThis year was the first time I’ve been to CES. It’s fun, exciting, and very exhausting! There’s just so much to see and do. One day was definitely not enough time.

The one booth that caught my eye was definitely Sony. They had live music, a Jeopardy game going on, and lots of new innovative technology.

The 3D TV screens were an interesting idea. We were given 3d glasses to watch the movies on the screen. It’s quite amazing. It’s like having a 3D theatre in your home. I can’t say how useful that is.. unless you’re watching special 3D movies though. Very cool idea, but not too practical (for me) in my opinion.

The super thin LCD screen was so amazing. They can bring the “zen” look to any house! And I absolutely loved the new cameras with the Smile Technology! By default, the camera will take photos only when you smile! These new cameras use face-detection and smile technology; amazing stuff.

Sony's Smile Technology Cameras

Hot Jackets!While at CES, I also went to the “It Won’t Stay in Vegas CES Blogger Party!” The party was amazing. I love the energetic atmosphere. There was great music, excellent swag, and incredible people!

GeekBriefers and the Laser!After Robert Scoble’s party, I attended a GeekBrief Tweetup. Fun! I finally got the chance to talk to Cali and Neal (in a more quiet place). :) And I met some amazing people at the tweetup as well.

I had a great time in Vegas during CES. I can’t wait til next year… Jan 7-10, 2010!

Photos from CES 2009!
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