iPad 2 Case Review: Speck Fitfolio

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With protection from front to back, the Speck Fitfolio can keep your new iPad 2 safe and sound. This form-fitting case is easy to use and can be set in many functional positions.

To put you iPad 2 in the case, you’ll need to first align all the ports to hard cover interior. Then just snap it in place. It’s as simple as that.

There are cutouts for all the ports. The cutouts also make it easy to get to all of the buttons without much trouble.

Folio. The Speck FitFolio, as the name suggests, can be nicely used as a folio for your iPad 2. It covers both the front and back of your new device and looks highly elegant and professional.

There’s also a handy bungee cord that holds the front cover in place when it’s closed, or secures it to the back of the case when it’s open. This works very nicely for both landscape and portrait mode. Again, the multiple use for this case is very nice.

Upright positions. The Fitfolio is also a stand for the iPad 2. On the soft interior cover, there are four different indentations that you can place the iPad in, ranging from position angles between 45 to 75. This makes it really handy to watch movies and videos from your iPad 2, or even games.

Typing position. Flip the case around and you got yourself a nice typing stand for your iPad. Talk about universal! To get the case into this position, hold the iPad 2 in landscape mode with the front cover pointing down. Now take the front cover and pull it backwards. Pull the front cover so it meets the back cover and pull the rest of the cover around. This will form a nice pedestal for your iPad in landscape typing mode. This makes it very convenient to type when the iPad is in your lap or on a table.

Overall, the Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 case is slim, form-fitting, and stylish. As an added bonus, it has multiple uses which makes it a nice all-in-one case. Best of all, the Fitfolio protects both the front and back of the iPad and costs just under $40; that’s the cost of just an Apple Magic cover that only protects half of the device.

The Speck FitFolio is available in red, black, and grey.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars · SpeckProducts.com · $39.95

Disclosure: This product was sent by Speck for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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iPad Case Review: Speck Fitted Cases

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The wait is finally over! Speck’s Designer Fitted iPad cases have arrived. Don’t just protect your iPad, dress it up! With a variety of fun new colors and patterns, you’re iPad can become more than just an entertainment tool; it could become a conversational piece!

This case is made of two hardshell pieces – the back side is made of a Specky fabric design and a front side that lines the edges of the iPad. Put the iPad into the back side of the case first. Make sure the cutouts for the iPad are all properly aligned. Then snap on the top of the case, again, making sure the cutouts for the buttons are aligned. Snap on and you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

One drawback to the case is that there’s no easy way to clean the design side if it got dirty. It is made of fabric, so you have to be careful where you put the iPad. I recommend putting it on top of an iPad sleeve or napkin when you use it. You may want to avoid using it at restaurants or where food is close by.

Unlike it’s iPhone counterpart, the iPad case is much easier to remove. Simply find the bottom opening where the charger cutout is, and start removing it slowly. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to take the case off.

This case protects the back of the iPad as well as the edges of it. The front part is beveled a bit, so if the iPad was to fall flat face down, it wouldn’t touch the floor. The case is also light and adds more style than weight to your iPad.

The Speck Fitted iPad cases are currently available in the following colors/patterns: Houndstooth Gray, Fadeaway Gray/Black/Green, Fadeaway Gray/Black/Pink, ClassicPlaid Pink & Gray, Black & White Plaid. You can purchase it for $49.95 at SpeckProducts.com

Disclosure: This product was sent by Speck for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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iPad Case Review: Speck CandyShell

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Speck Candyshell cases are back, and they’re bigger and better than ever! It’s no surprise that an iPad line for the Candyshells has been made. The iPhone version won Beatweek Magazine’s Best Rubber iPhone Case of 2009 Award! A bigger version of the case does require more care and Speck has handled that quite nicely. Not only that, they did it with a bit of style!

The interior is made of a soft rubberized material that absorbs any impact the iPad may encounter. The unique part about this case is the opening in the lower back. This allows you to dock the iPad on the keyboard without removing the case. It’s also handy when you need to charge the iPad too. Simply lift the cut-out piece to charge or dock your iPad. It snaps on and off of the iPad easily and kind of reminds me of a doggy door!

The edges of the case completely covers the iPad to prevent any scratches and bumps on the sides. There are also cutouts for the headset, screen lock, and holes for the speakers. However, the on/off button and volume controls are covered with a rubberized material. This also means that you may have to press them slightly harder than usual.

Overall, it’s a very unique design that’s both protective and stylish. The case covers the iPad seamlessly and is currently available in two colors — BatWing Black and NightShade Purple. You can purchase the Speck CandyShell for iPad for $49.95. For more information, see SpeckProducts.com

Disclosure: This product was sent by Speck for review purposes. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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New Speck iPad Accessories

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If you enjoy the design of Speck iPhone and iPod Touch cases, you’ll definitely love their new line of iPad products. Debuting exclusively in Apple Retail stores and on Speckproducts.com are the iPad versions of the CandyShell and Fitted Hard Shell Cases, SeeThru and SeeThru Satin Hard Shell Cases, and PixelSkin. They will be available later this month.

In addition to the new upcoming products, Speck also has the PixelShield carrying Sleeve, PixelSleeve Plus and ShieldView Anti-Glare Protective Screen Films for sale in Apple Retail stores and SpeckProducts.com.

Beatweek recently reviewed the PixelShield carrying Sleeve in our last issue.

For more information on Speck Products, visit their official website.

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iPad Sleeve Review: Speck’s PixelShield

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This is a hands-on review of PixelShield for the iPad by Speck.

With the addition of the new iPad to the Apple family, Speck has been busy creating new and creative products for it. One of which is the new PixelShield. Light, durable, and soft to the touch, this sleeve makes carrying your iPad from point A to B a snap.

Simply slide in your iPad into the open pocket on top, pull the backing over your iPad and you’re ready to head out to your favorite coffee shop.

It has a sleek and clean design. The exterior has the texture of big pixel squares all over it. It’s also stretchable, so bend and pull it in as many directions as you like> But it doesn’t take that much effort to slide your iPad into the sleeve. Do this by putting your iPad face-down into the sleeve. The bottom side has a sturdy reinforced layer that adds more protection to the screen, and both sides have a soft micro-fleece layer to prevent scratches.

The PixelShield doubles up as both a protective sleeve and carrying case. Carrying your iPad in it it is quite fun! The handle is easy to hold and does not snag. You can carry it in your hand or arm comfortably for long periods of time.

The PixelShield is perfect if you’re always on the go, and also fits nicely in other bags as well. If you want extra protection, I would suggest complimenting the sleeve with a thin snap-on backing case like the ones at MacAlley. The sleeve is thin and light and won’t add much bulk to the bags you’re already carrying.

Speck’s PixelShield currently comes in two colors — red and black/gray. It is available for purchase at Apple.com as well as you local Apple store for $39.95. For more information, please see SpeckProducts.com

Disclosure: This is a review unit sent by Speck for review. This is part of Beatweek Magazine’s coverage of iPad products. Opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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