Quick Tip: View Source in Firefox 3.5

July 1, 2009 by  
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I recently updated my browser to FireFox 3.5 and discovered a very useful feature. While looking at the source code of my webpage, I noticed that all anchor links were clickable. Clicking on them will let you view the source code of that link. Clicking on image links will display the image. This comes in very handy since I look at the source code of my projects often to make sure scripts are outputting the correct HTML codes.

To view the source code of a page, go to “View -> Page Source.”


Hope you enjoyed this tip of the day. :)

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Web Design Volume 4

April 19, 2009 by  
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Web Design MagazineI was at Costco and glanced at their magazine selection. My eyes quickly passed by all the celebrity gossip magazines and when I saw Web Design Volume 4 I quickly jumped for joy. I browsed through a few pages, and knew I definitely had to have it. There’s lots of great tips on web design and awesome step-by-step tutorials. I highly recommend getting this. I’m really enjoying the section that talks about WordPress and its history. It just brought back so many memories of my early blogging/web designing days. Michel V and b2 were mentioned in this article. Yup, that’s how WordPress all started. ;)

This bookazine is $29.99, but with a Costco membership, it’s $21.99. Enjoy!

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