Wii Game Review: Wii Fit Plus

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If you’re a computer-chair potato like me, you know it’s hard to fit in any exercise (or movement for that matter) into your daily schedule. But Wii Fit Plus is a fantastic game to help motivate you to exercise. This is a nice upgrade from the previous version. If you already own Wii Fit and the balancing board, you only need the $20 game upgrade. If you don’t own it at all, you can buy the complete package for only $89.99 (on sale on Amazon – save $10).

Wii Fit Plus still uses the previous User Interface — which is good because it’s easy to use and it’s very familiar to Wii Fit owners. Additional features include a calorie count — so you can keep track of how many calories your burn after each exercise and throughout the entire workout. There are 15 new training games (which are my favorites) that will have you flapping your arms, running, and even do karate moves! It’s not only fun to play, it’s also hilarious to watch!

Wii Fit Plus also comes with new yoga and strength training moves. Any position yoga or strength training you didn’t unlock in the previous game will be unlocked in Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit Plus routines can be set up so you would do exercises designed to improve specific ares. This is done by combining activities.

Changing players during the game has also become is much easier! In the original game, you would have to close your session, and then select the new player. In Wii Fit Plus, you can simply click on “Change Player” and the next player can start playing the same game. Best of all, all of your data transfers nicely over into the new game.

With the new improvements and additional games, I highly recommend this game for parties and individuals who need a fun way to be more active. I give it a 9 out 10 stars. Below is a more detailed review of each individual new mini game in Wii Fit Plus.

Reviews of each new Wii Fit Plus Training Game

The new Wii Fit Plus Training games are a lot of fun! They combine aspects of the original Aerobics and Balance games in the previous version. The wide range of mini games are quite impressive. Here are my reviews of each of the 15 new mini games.

Perfect 10 – In this game, you want to add up the numbers to 10 (in easy mode) by wiggling your tush to hit bouncing balls that add up to 10. This is a great mental and booty exercise game. Finish it to unlock the advanced level — adding numbers up to 15.

Obstacle Course – This one is definitely my favorite because it’s not a short game, and you do feel like you’re running an obstacle course on American Gladiators, or something similar to that. Run by walking quickly on the balance board. When you need to jump bend your knees and stand up. The balance board will pick up the weight shift. Be sure not to JUMP or remove your feet from the balance board. This will cause you to start the course over. This took me a while to get use to, but after the 3rd time, I finally got the hang of not jumping off the board. It’s a great workout that requires quick thinking and a steady pace.

Bird’s-Eye Bulls-Eye – If there’s one game you have to sit out and watch someone play, this is it! You become a bird and the object is to land on various targets to earn more time on your clock. The more time you earn, the more time you have to reach other targets on the land (and water). Flying to these targets will require you to flap your wings and stand still when you hover over a target. Little flaps will help guide you slightly upward when near a target, and big flaps will guide you farther. You really feel like a bird playing this! Unlock the advance level to fly over water and even to the top of mountains and blimps! Warning – be sure to stretch a lot, else your shoulders will be hurting afterward. Humans don’t normally work these wing muscles much. ;)

Driving Range – allows you to work on your golf moves. Turn the Wii Balance board to the side, and use the Wii Remote to swing. The game will show you how balance you are and correct your position. There’s no time limit, so relax and keep golfing. You can also take practice shots before each ball.

Skateboard Arena – is very fun once you get the hang of it! You turn the Wii board around and stand on it like a skateboard. Skate over lights to earn points and even go up ramps! The more points you earn, the more levels you can skate in. If you skate board starts slowing down, step off with one foot and push (just like a real skateboad) to gain momentum.

Snowball Fight – is definitely one of my favorites. You are snowball fighting against a whole army of Mii’s. Well, not really, but when you’re by yourself, it seems like an army! Hide behind a shield, but peek out to throw snowballs at your opponents. Step to the left to peek out on the left side, and step to the right to peek to the right. But be careful not to get hit with snowballs! Use your Wii Remote and aim at your opponents. Press down to throw snowballs at them!

Rhythm Kung Fu – is really cute. I’m a bit off rhythm for the faster moves, but I love how you can use the Wii Nunchuk and Wii Remote to mimic the moves. It’s a big improvement over Rhythm Boxing. I like how you can watch the Mii’s and just follow their moves right after instead of waiting for them to complete full moves.

Island Cycling – this is another one of my favorites. Although I’m not really on a bike, the moves you have to mimic does feel like I was riding on one. Just take fast steps on the balance board to move your bike faster, and use the Wii remote to maneuver the bike to the left or right. The object of this game is to capture all the flags on the island. There is no time limit, so you can go as quickly or slowly as you like. This game also gives you the chance to go and explore all parts of the Wii Fit Island. It’s incredibly scenic and fun indeed. Once you captured all 12 flags, head toward the finish line and then unlock the advance mode — 22 flags. Boy does this game work out those leg muscles!

Segway Circuit – this game is awesome and so much fun! You can zone out and feel like you’re really on a Segway! There’s a giant gopher on the loose, stealing all of the beach balls. The object of the game is ride around quickly and pop all of the beach balls. At the very end, chase the gopher around and pop the last beach ball. Be careful because he’s quick! Jump on ramps on your Segway to gain speed. Use the Wii Remote to steer to the left or right. And balance yourself on the board as you would on a Seqway. Very fun if you enjoy quick games.

Tilt City – the object of the game is to make the falling balls land in their matching colored-canister. Sounds easy right? There are two levels of boards that you control. The top one is controlled by holding the Wii remote on it’s side. The second level are controlled by your feet using the balance board. It gets pretty tricky with multiple balls dropping down. Quick hand-eye-feet coordination is needed to score high! Quite fun and challenging!

Rhythm Parade – you use the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk as your batons and you march down the streets in a marching band. Raise your ‘baton’ as you see lights coming down either side of the screen. This is not my favorite mini games because my feet and hand coordination is quite off. Once I get the hand motions down, my feet are off rhythm. Try it! Maybe you’ll have better luck than me.

Big Top Juggling – tests your balance skills. Balance yourself on a big ball as you use the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk to juggle balls tossed at you. It’s not one of my favorite — probably because I keep falling off the ball. But I’ll give it another try soon.

Table Tilt Plus – I simply adored the original Table Tilt games. This game tests your balance and speed. The new version is much more difficult because balls now have the ability to land on poppers that launch them onto a higher pedestal. It’s very challenging as you have to control where the ball lands as well.

Balance Bubble Plus – I got really good at the original game, and this version just took me by surprised! It’s quite difficult once you enter the dark cave and try to balance and maneuver around monsters in there. This works your eye and feet coordination and is quite challenging.

Basic Run Plus – is very similar to the basic run in the original Wii Fit aerobics games. However, you’re running with a cat at the beginning of the game instead of a dog, and the path is different. At the end of the run, there’s a short quiz to test how observant you are. So be sure to check out your surroundings as your run. Do well, and unlock the long run mode.

For videos of each of these games, see the official Wii Fit Plus website.

Fun for the Whole Family

Another thing that I really love about this game is how all of mini games tie together into one big Wii Fit Island! If you played the previous version of Wii Fit, you’ll notice that they used the same landscape — the land you see when you run around on the track. In Wii Fit Plus, when you’re running or biking, you’ll see the same course but with the addition of a much more land. The Wii Fit island is very nice and peaceful and you can roam all around it in the Island Cycling game.

Read more about Wii Fit on their official website. You can also purchase the game with or without the balance board on Amazon. The one with the balance board is currently on sale — save $10!

One more thing, since my family and friends are always over and playing games, I highly suggest getting a Wii Fit Balance Board Silicone Sleeve for your balance board. It makes cleaning the board much easier and comes in an array of colors! And if you don’t have a Wii Gaming System yet, go get one!

Feel free to leave a comment or questions below. I’m reviewing this game because it is one of my favorite games. The views expressed in this blog post are my own and do not necessarily represent Nintendo.

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Guitar Hero World Tour

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My husband and I got up early this morning to pick up Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii at Best Buy. We pre-ordered it the night before.

When we got there, we got a free Guitar Hero beenie, and by price matching Circuit City’s ad, we also got a $15 iTunes gc. Double Woot!

Here I am, packing Guitar Hero into the car. :)

Guitar Hero World Tour

I will be playing with it later today and will let you know more about it! And on a side note, I think I’ll purchase the full Spore game for my iPod Touch with the gift card. :)

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This video just made me flip with excitement! It’s just amazing the things you can do for little cost! The video features a researcher named Johnny Lee who shows us his amazing Wii Remote hacks. Just wow. I’d love to see these hacks implemented in classrooms!

Source: TED: Talks Johnny Lee: Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote

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My Wii Fit Profile

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I did a 45-minute Wii Fit workout today, and then decided to sit in my computer chair for a few hours to make this video. ;) Enjoy! And yes I know I sound tired.

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Wii Fit Hula Hoops

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Sorry, you won’t see any videos of me doing this, but the Hula Hoop game is definitely my favorite Wii Fit game so far! And I’ve tried quite a few already too. My goal is to place on all slots of the score board before anyone even gets to try. And definitely beating my 1st place score of course. :) This game is definitely fun and healthy!

My current Wii Fit age is 38.. yikes. I want to bring it down a lot by the end of the week! But it was 44 before I did the exercises! And I supposedly lost a few pounds tonight!

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Last weekend my husband and I went hunting for a Wii Fit. We went to 3 different stores, and they were all out. New shipments come in on Wednesday. So today we decided to go Wii Hunting again.
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Pii Pii for WiiOk, so this was absolutely my favorite April Fool’s Day joke. It’s from ThinkGeek. And they somehow made a Pii Pii for your Wii! Come see! I love the real video. haha

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About The WordPress Wii Edition Plugin:
The WordPress Wii Edition Plugin is a plugin that automatically renders an optimized version of your blog when visitors come to your blog on a Nintendo Wii running the Opera browser. Wii’s are automatically detected, there is no configuration needed. The theme used by the plugin is based on the colors of the Wii interface and uses the “Wii” font at sizes that provide for easy reading on TV screens. This plugin was inspired by Alex King’s Mobile Plugin.

Why is this plugin useful?
Webpages on the Wii are hard to view on default zoom and on many pages (designed wider then 800 pixels) you will have to scroll from side to side. In addition, font sizes that work on a computer screen don’t render well on a TV screen. As such we put together this plugin to make our favorite blogs a bit easier to read.

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