First Look at Google Wave

This is my first look at Google Wave. My account was activated today, and I’m quite thrilled to try it out. I’ll post more as figure out things. For now, this is my first screenshot.

Daynah's Google Wave Sandbox Account

(Bigger Version)

First impression, it looks like an email client, but it’s not. I wanted to change my profile photo, so I clicked on the blank square in the “Contacts” section and it gave me a link to change my photo. This link takes me to my sandbox gmail settings. After more clicking, it takes me to my sandbox Gmail account. It looks like email isn’t integrated into Google Wave interface (yet?) besides having the two accounts linked up.

Invites were not given in this round of testing. I would love to give you an invite as soon as I get any. It feels kind of silly right now chatting/Google Waving to myself anyhow! If you have a sandbox account too, let me know so we can test out this amazing platform.

So that’s my first look. I’ll be posting more later!

Update: 12:30pm PST
Daynah's Google Wave Conversation w/ Lawrence
Here’s another screenshot of Google Wave. Lawrence helped me test it out! (Bigger Version)

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  • Daynah

    :) Adding you.

  • Jen

    Awww bummer I've been trying to get one of these. Looks like fun! I have a few TypeKit invites if you need one. ^__^

  • BlackHawk

    hi, if you got an extra invite i'll be please to get it :)
    my mail is
    thankyou for sharing!

  • Tony ProjectBlogsphere

    Looks awesome Daynah! I'd hit the Wave with ya, but I'm one of the unfortunate ones that didn't get an invite. Keep playing… I'm living vicariously through you. :-)

  • alozier

    OK I will bit for a wave invite ;)
    thanks inadvance!

  • rene

    Yes please :)

  • jezw

    Would love an invite to join the wave too! thanks (~,-)

  • Ferdinand

    Hi Daynah,

    not really sure if you have google wave invites left, but i like to check it out. As an emailmarketeer i like to see new opportunities of it.

    Let me know, thanks.

  • Marc

    Hi! can you add me please? can't sleep last night hehe i'm dying for one! i'm also a developer and I would like to test it

    Thanks in advance!

  • martani_net

    thanx I'll add you ;)

  • The Webster

    An invite to google wave should be fun for both of us. I think. I'm a retires computer hobbiest & time to gave to you for checking it all out. My acc at google is & I follow you at
    Thanking you in advance,
    D Lets

  • Jeff

    Anyone have invites?

  • Neal

    would love an invite

    @benderunit9000 on twitter

  • heyitsRachel

    Am I too late?! I was in class until now! Waaaah! lol

  • Erayd

    Just spotted your invite offer on twitter – I'd love one if you have any left :-). Thanks a million!

  • Joanna

    If anyone has an extra invite, please send one over to! :) Thanks!

  • Angel Rodriquez

    do you have any invites left?

  • Stephanie
    Please send me an invite~ I'd love to try Wave out with my friends and family!

  • Pylons

    I think it'd be fun to try, but I'm just a lowly IT technician.

  • Angel Rodriquez

    if you have any invites left, would love one (@angelrodriquez)

  • wugui

    @wugui here.

  • muppet

    darn it i'm late >.< oh well..i hope i can get one soon..i use gmail like its nobodys business..i can't wait to try google wave :oD thanks for posting & sharing @daynah!!

  • Daynah

    Unfortunately, I've given out all of my Google Wave invites. But I will be using this list if Google decides to give me another round of invites. Thanks for visiting!

  • Knight

    Daynah , you havent move to ? still on the sandbox ?

  • John Wright

    Hey! Send a Google Wave invite this way please! (You tweeted you're giving them out?)

  • xmyrin

    I finally got a google wave account! it's I've added you! Hopefully we can get more users on here, it's hard to get into without other users.

  • xmyrin

    I finally got a google wave account! it's I've added you! Hopefully we can get more users on here, it's hard to get into without other users.

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